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Can't remember gamertag account name

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Hi, I'm making this because the fellow on the Xbox phone support said I might have better luck here, so...

Trying to access my Gamertag, xSohoSx, it tells me i need to put in my acct. name/pass on my xbox, however I can't remember my Live/Hotmail acct for the life of me, which means I can't log in.

I called Xbox support, but he couldn't help since I've never had a credit card linked to my account, and there is no security question for some reason,which confuses me, since I thought making a security question was a mandatory part of account creation.

So... guess I'll wait, and see if anyone knows anything.

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    Sorry, only official phone support would be able to assist you with anything in relation to account e-mails. If they have said they cannot give you the e-mail address associated with the gamertag because you did not have enough information on the account for them to verify your identity then unfortunately there's nothing we would be able to do for you here.

    You need to be able to answer all of the questions that phone support asks in order for them to be able to give you any information in regards to the account. If you are unable to do so they would be unable to just hand you over the e-mail address as that would be a huge security risk on their part.

    Feel free to reach out to phone support again by clicking this link here

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    Honestly there is no way for us to know your E-mail.  The only people that I think would have that info are MS   phone support and it sounds like you've already talked to them.  If you still have the GamerTag in another xbox you could probably figure out the email that  you  used for that account.