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family gold account

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I can't add my child to my family gold account.

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    Hi, could you use the guide above to try and add the other account to your family pack please. If you still have an issue after trying the steps on the link then please post back and I'm sure we can soon get things up and running.

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    The link doesn't work for me.

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    Are you adding them from your Xbox?

    Add someone to a Gold Family Pack


    • Only the primary account can add a member (secondary account) to a Gold Family Pack. If you’re adding an existing account, you’ll need the Microsoft account and password of the account that you’re adding.
    • If the account that you want to add to your Family Pack is not stored on your console, you’ll need to download the Xbox LIVE gamertag.
    • Existing Xbox LIVE accounts keep all Microsoft Points and gamerscores when you add them to the Gold Family Pack.

    Console steps: Add someone to a Gold Family Pack

      1. On your console, sign into Xbox LIVE with the primary account for the Gold Family Pack.

    1. Go to Settings, and then select Family.
    1. Select Add Family Member.
      1. Under Your Gold Family Pack, select Available: Add Gold Family Member.

    Note If you don’t see an ‘Available’ member, you may need to remove a member before adding a new member. The Gold Family Pack can have three secondary members.

    1. Do one of the following:
    • Select an existing gamertag on your console.
    • Select Create New Profile.
    1. Follow the on-screen instructions.
      • If you’re adding an existing Xbox LIVE account to your Family Pack, you’ll need the Microsoft account and password for this account.

    • If you’re creating a new Xbox LIVE account, you’ll need a Microsoft account. If you don't have one, sign up for a free account on your computer or a Microsoft account will be created for you during the sign up process.
    1. Complete the on-screen steps to add the member to the Gold Family Pack.

    If you receive an error while adding a member to the Gold Family Pack, see Troubleshooting Gold Family Pack for more information.


    • Once an account is added to the Gold Family pack, the secondary account becomes parentally controlled by the primary account. This change can limit the types of content an account can purchase or download on Xbox LIVE.
    • The final screen explains how existing Gold membership time is added to the Gold Family Pack. The Gold Family Pack receives one month of additional membership time for every two months of remaining Xbox LIVE Gold time. For example, if the secondary account has six months remaining on their Xbox LIVE Gold Membership, three months are added to the Gold Family Pack membership.

    Computer steps: Add someone to a Gold Family Pack

    1. Go to the Family Center.
    2. Click Add Family Member
    3. Enter the email address for the family member’s Microsoft account. If you don’t know a family member’s Microsoft account, see Find your Microsoft account or password for help.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter their Microsoft account password and add them to the family.

    Note If you created a new Xbox LIVE account using the above computer steps, you’ll need to download this account to your Xbox 360 console. For information on how to do this, see Move, delete, or download your Xbox LIVE gamertag.

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    Maybe it is a case of wrong link address for your area. Try this one: Managing Family Members

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    None of the links are working for me.  I did try to add via xbox console by signing in as me and going to family under settings.  It says I can add three family members so I tried one of them.  The child I am attempting to add exists and it allows me to go through some steps, signing in, etc.  passwords etc. But when the last screen arrives and asks, are you ok with adding this person, it says error signing into windows live id.

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    The links seem to be working super slow for me today as well. If you have a twitter account you might be able to get online support faster. @XboxSupport

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    Ok, I was able to easily add two kids to the family gold account.  The one I'm having problems with is the one with an existing WLID.  I enter her email address and password, but it gives an error.

    "Can't sign in using your Windows Live ID.  Please try again.

    If the problem persists, visit"

    The WLID I am using to add her is a gmail email.  So I tried to change her email to a hotmail email that I created for her.  But it won't let me either.  Very frustrating.

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    Greetings, DaddyJoe49. I wanted to follow up here and see if you were able to add your child account to the family plan? Did you log the child account on to as the error message suggested? Are you seeing any error messages regarding a blocked Windows LIVE ID? Let us know!

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    The troubleshooting gold family pack had the answer to my problem.  I was having issues because my WLID was different than the one I use to login or to use for email.  It wasn't the parental email so I was being rejected.  I figured out my original parental email and that allowed me to add my child with her WLID.  Thanks all.

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    So did you sign up for the family pack with the parental account in the end. Or did you have to enter the parental email to add the child account to the family pack?