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Promoting my account to adult.

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Okay, so. I've had my xbox 360 since I was 17, and I am 22 now. I deleted the parent account thinking that would solve my problem, then I read a bit more and I found out how to do it. But I don't have a parent account that is needed. How can I fix this?

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  • You can promote an Xbox LIVE account to an adult account by doing the following:

    1.  On your Xbox 360 console, sign in to Xbox LIVE using the account that you want to change.  

    2.  Go to the Settings hub and select Account .  

    3.  Select Promote Child Account in the Your Information panel.

    Note Promote Child Account will only be available if the date of birth for the account indicates that you have reached adult age for your country or region.

    4.  If you are prompted to sign out of a current game session, select yes .  

    5.  On the Promote your current Xbox LIVE child account to an adult account screen, select Continue .

    Notes • If you are a member of an Xbox LIVE Family Pack subscription, you will also be removed from the Family Pack by making this change.  

    • Steps 6 through 9 apply only to accounts that are currently billed to a credit or debit card. If your account has a prepaid subscription, go to step 10.  

    6.  On the To promote your account, replace the credit card that is associated with the account with a new card or payment method screen, select Continue .

    Note The same credit card can be used again. However, the credit card details must be re-entered.  

    7.  Enter the name, credit card type, credit card number, expiration date, and verification code for the replacement credit card, and then select Next .  

    8.  Enter the billing address, city, state, and postal code for your credit card, and then select Next .  

    9.  Verify your contact information, and then select Done .  

    10.  Accept the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement.  

    11.  On the Your Xbox LIVE account is now an adult account… screen, select Done .

    Note If your Xbox LIVE account does not change to an adult account, try signing out and then back in again.  

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