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Lost parental control password and security question answer.

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Dear readers,

I hope you can really help me with this problem because it is getting quite frustrating. When I had to make this account (almost 3 years ago) I had to give up a parental e-mail adress. Now that there are new terms of conditions I have to log-in with this parental e-mail adress. Here is the problem: I lost both password and security question answer, and neither of my parents know them. I have no clue what to do now and I can't acces Xbox-Live (Gold). Anybody else had this problem or have the solution?

Thanks in advance,


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    I don't know if this will help but it's a start:

    Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad!!!!

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    Thanks but it wasn't helpful. I already know the parental account, thanks for your time though.

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    This is a Microsoft Account issue, this is not something that Xbox Support, nor a forum support agent can assist you with. In regards to this issue, if you have already tried to fill out the Microsoft Account recovery form located here and your password reset is not working because you've forgotten all security information then your last and final hope is the Microsoft Account team whom are located here.

    When making a post on their forums, please make sure you are very clear in what your asking. Give them all of the information that they require, and they might be able to assist you. Unfortunately, people on this forum will not be able to with this problem.

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