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Cannot access Xbox Live because I cannot accept new T&C with parental account

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Hey, I'm hearing a lot of people have the same problem, but I was told to make a post here in order to get the problem solved. So I created my Xbox Live account back in the day, and me being underage, it prompted me to create a parental account. Knowing that my parents couldn't give a flying *** about the whole deal, and I might add I was allowed to play on Xbox Live whenever I wanted, I went ahead and entered in a non-existing email account and a random password, thinking I would never need them again. Well, as it turns out, about 5 years later, I suddenly do need that information. Well, I have no way of getting access to the account, because I sure as hell can't remember the security question, and the email doesn't exist. The third option, filling out a form with my information is also unusable, because the account simply doesn't have any information other than the email account and a security question, and the website tells me that I have to fill out more forms. 

So, I would like to get access to my XBL account once more, but in order to do that the parental account needs to be reset or removed. I'm hoping I can solve the problem here since the Xbox Live phone support isn't picking up. 

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    Same problem here, I have enough evidence to proof that it is actually my account (last 2 mspoints codes for example). I also made an email back in the days with a random password en security question. Now that I can't remember them anymore I think that what I did was kinda stupid.

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    Unfortunately, we would be unable to assist you with this matter. If you filled in fake information there would be no way to retrieve the account on file. You can try to reach out to the Microsoft account team with your issue but it's unlikely they will be able to help if you again, used fake information when creating the parental account.

    Since this is a Microsoft Account issue, Xbox Support, nor forum support can help in this case. You will need to exclusively speak with the Microsoft Account team.

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