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Windows 8 Creates New Gamertag; Can't Switch to Existing One

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When I use the Xbox Games app in Windows 8, I am automatically logged in as "MergedElf96." I have never used this gamertag. It is attached to the same email address and password as the one I am using right now (Starwind Amada). I cannot stop the login process or switch to the other one by logging out. It's as if I have two gamertags under one Microsoft ID. Does anyone know how I can get my Starwind profile to work?

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    Can you please check to confirm 100% that the e-mail address you are using for this profile is the same exact one you used when you logged into Windows 8?

    If you have an Xbox 360 console, please go to Settings > Account > 3rd Tab (Account Management) > Account Security > Look to the right and see if the e-mail address your using is the same one (spelled out the same way, with everything else matching. Please look at this very carefully).

    If they are both the same, then please contact Xbox Support and explain the situation to them, they would be the only ones to be able to help you out with the strange occurrence of having two gamertags associated with 1 e-mail Please reach out to them here.

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    Almost invariably there's a teeny tiny error so that the email addresses for the two accounts are _almost_ the same. Please go to and sign in with the email, you will see its matching Gamertag in orange at upper right.

    Then, on the other gamertag, go to the Xbox, sign in with it, then go tap on the silver Guide button in the middle of the game controller. Go two clicks right to Account Management and choose that, then go to Account Security, pick that, and select Change Windows Live ID; the Windows Live ID for THAT gamertag will appear on the right side.

    This will save you a call > 99% of the time.

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    I have had the same problem. What i did was made my windows 8 account a local accout, then relogged in back with my old email address. After doing this, i was able to change the email address name as my goal was to not use a poorly worded old email

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    SLICK! Many thanks to msawdey

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