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Stuck in a loop:(

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my xbox live account is still bound to an email that i cant access anymore....since friday i have been struggling to reset the password that i have forgotten.

Have done the account recovery process 4 times.....and spoken to live chat people from xbox 3 times.

Each time ive been told to do the same thing....go to account recovery.....once i was told to go to microsoft community, but for some reason im unable to sign in there.

And once ive actualy had a ticket open on their support page.....where i was given a step by step way of fixing my problem....guess didnt work.

All it did was send me back to the password reset page where eventually u have to click on email me a lnk again and then they send the link to old email....again.

Or i could just do the recovery again.

Ive looked on microsoft community and most people there have similar problem except they dont give enough information apparently and fail recovery.

Just to make sure u guys understand....i do get the recovery done...enough information given....i just cant seem to get them to send it to new email address.

Enough of that.....hope some1 can help....[mod removed] tired of this now

Strange how they still deduct money every month for xbox live.....but i cant even buy ms points....and i cant change nothing.:(*

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    Ok lets try this, go to this link

    click on update your info.

    then click delete security info.

    This will take a couple days.

    then on the left side click update email.

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    had a look....and it seems like you need to actually sign in to change all i cant get a new password that would be impossible.

    Thanks for the response tho.....hopefully will get the right answer eventually

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    If you've forgotten the information to recover the gamertag you will need to fill out the Microsoft Account Recovery form. There is absolutely nothing more we can do for you as this is a Microsoft Account issue. If you are unable to fill out the form to their liking then they will not be able to give you access to the account. It's a security concern and they will not be able to comply with just giving anyone's account back with little to no information.

    Since this is a Microsoft Account issue, you will need to contact the Microsoft Account team which can be found here.


    If you are unable to recover the account and you are still being charged for Xbox LIVE, you can turn off automatic renewal by contacting phone support

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    He did fill out the Microsoft Account Form and after he passes the test it send him in a loop back to the beginning. The same EXACT thing is happening to me now.  Its incredibly annoying because all roads lead back to the beginning.

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    Hey there Learner! If you've tried all the links Hassassinade provided, please contact us directly via chat or phone. They can assist you further. Thanks!

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