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I forgot my email password

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I made this account so I could ask this question. Years ago I made an xboxlive account with an email I no longer use. I have it set up so it automatically signs in each time  so I  have never worried about it. Last night I tried to change some settings via xbox360 and it was asking me to enter a password for my microsoft account. I do no longer know the password or security question for the account.

I have my xbox live subscription set up to automatically renew each year. This is a problem if I can not even acess the email or xbox360 account.

Making a new live account is not an option because I do not want to lose my name and gamer score.


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    If you can't access the e-mail which is preventing you from resetting the password then you need to try your luck with filling out the Microsoft Account Recovery form here.

    That would actually be your one and only way to get out of the situation you are currently in unless you are able to get into the e-mail that the account is associated with. For that you'd need to talk to the e-mail provider if it was different than @Hotmail/@Live account. 

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    Try this solution here -

    From this solution you can try the following -

    You may still run into a problem if you can no longer access the email account your XBOX Live account was bound to. Microsoft did release a security statement over a year to remind everyone to set a secondary contact such as a cell phone or secondary email acct.

    Here is the security website -

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    I can no longer access that email at all.  This really sucks because I am signed in on xboxlive but can't change anything.

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    This is really ridiculous. I checked another email and that is the one Xbox is notifying when my 12 month renewal is happening. Should that not be enough to get it back somehow?

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    No, I'm sorry it's not. You would need to fill out the Microsoft Account Recovery form as said in the post above. If you are unable to then you will need to contact phone support and have them cancel the automatic renewal on your account so you aren't charged for an account you cannot get into.

    That is the one and only way you'd be able to get back into the account is via a successful account recovery from the Microsoft account team. 

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    I do have access to it my xbox automatically signs in to it every day. =( damn.

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    I had the same problem, but ended up guessing my password. Now I can't get into my account because (guessing again) I used the "recover account" page and apparently didn't have enough info to give. LIVE is giving me error code 831188fb

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    the samething has happened to me ive been up all night trying to fix iti think im gonna hadda give up! ps3 anyone?

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    Hey AheadParachute9! We'd be happy to help you out in your own thread. If you could create a new post detailing the issue and all the steps you've tried, we'd appreciate it! Also, make sure to take the steps suggested in this thread. :)

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    Im in the same situation help plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hello IcyPrune6385834!  Please try the steps listed in this thread.  If that doesn't take care of it for you, you can make a fresh thread and we'll take a look!

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    Im signed into my brother in laws account roght nkw cause of the same thing. My email isnt working cause its been inactive for 4 years. U think if we called in and gave our gamertag and serial number of our xbox they could see what were doing at that moment and it would be verificationenough. Like *** you xbox this is such crap. I just renewed a yearly membership 3 days ago. Updated an app and now i cant sign back in and use that year of live. What a *** joke.

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    this same exact thing just happened to me and I don't know what to do either ):

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    Have you ever taken advantage of the 3 free trials for a brand new xbox?

    Have a sibling who used your email, had a friend who created your account, or other circumstance of the like?


    If you are signed into and your seeing a weird gamertag or having to accept TOU and "Joining Now" that is not your current MSA for your good gamertag.

    SO, you need to figure out what your MSA is.

    Thankfully for most with the new TFA on the console when it asks for your email & password your email is auto-populated. If you are seeing a mis-spelt email, the "wrong" email, a parent's email, it doesn't matter what you think, that's what Microsoft has on file for that gamertag.

    Unfortunately after a few rounds of getting it wrong it won't auto-populate. Either way you need to reset that email's password on

    If it was misspelt, say, instead of, ect when you go to you sign in with that incorrect spelling as the Microsoft Account. TRUST ME.

    -As far as resetting the password, most likely it's going to send an email reset link to that non-existent email so hopefully you have a security question or another valid proof on your account.

    If your gamertag was created as a secondary to a family pack and the primary didn't put in an email because you didn't have one, you didn't want to give you one, etc and it gave you, that is your MSA and you need to use that as the MSA and reset that.

    -Luckily for most in that instance, the primary's email is the proof you receive the email reset link.

    Very rare instances are your account being compromised and they changed your MSA, but they would have had to have had your gamertag on their console for more than 30 days to do so.

    -In that case you can call support, but if they don't find Unauthorized Access your still having the same issue only longer without your account.

    Some of the older live accounts may have the advantage to re-create the email attached to their MSA because the email is so old it was dropped by domain and you can re-create it.

    I hope this helps. It's irritating I know, but seriously your MSA is your responsibility, always has been. MS will never have your passwords and you need to add proofs to keep from losing your account because in the future you won't have any options for resetting your password. That's all TFA is doing, making you add options to reset your password for the future.  In regards to the other network its actually kind of scary how easy they give out resets, imagine a pissed off "friend" ex-girlfriend, brother, neighbor, all they need to know is basic info and the last 4 of your cc, which they can get from a receipt or something.

    IF you can at least provide ownership, which I think those with a current subscription generally can, they can tell you what your email is, and then you have to reset it. If you have done the ASCR form that you've been instructed to do before several times, and still have the rejection emails you can call support and they can escalate to prove ownership with the recovery request numbers from those rejections, and your console ID#.

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    I am Tuneablesword5. I just noticed these new messages in my email.

    I was able to recover my email after about two weeks. I had to tell hotmail who I had on my contacts and try remember what emails I had sent. Obviously I could not remember any of these things but I just kept on trying until they finally gave me access again. I  was extremely lucky. All I can say it keep trying!