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Can't log in to on my Xbox live account on my Xbox

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Anytime I try to log in to my Xbox live account from my Xbox I get a notification that says "You'll need this profile's Microsoft account password to sign in." then after I type in my email and password i get the notification that says "This email address or password isn't valid for this account. Try again." I can log into my profile on my computer and I've reset my password a couple times but nothing seems to be working.

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  • Hey there!  Are you sure you're using the correct email? If you don't remember your email associated with your account, then you will need to get in touch with Xbox Phone Support and inform them of this.  They will ask you a few security questions and will be able to get that for you. ;-)  Also, is the account you're posting this thread on your account or what?

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    Im pretty sure I have the right email because im using it to log in on my computer and it accepts it

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    I had my gold account for awhile now, I had to get a new debit card and my account went offline.. I just got my card in the mail and went to put it in to reactivate it and its saying: your membership is suspended until you update your payment option... and they will reactivate my membership after i update my account.. I don't know what to do..

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    Hey there Lawyer! You'll need to contact us directly via chat or phone for an agent to assist you with this. Thanks!

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