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Forgot email associated with my OLD gamertag

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Hi, I have a little bit of a problem on my hands.

What happened is I created a gamertag around 2 years ago, when I had my old xbox 360, and I have since traded in that xbox, moved to pc gaming, and moved back to xbox gaming within the past few months.

I know my actual gamertag, but I do not remember the email address I used to create the account.

So I have no way to even download my old gamertag onto my console, as I don't know the email address at all, it has been 2 years since I even used my other email address.

I'm not going to phone support, as that is going to be a waste of my time.

I just used the request a call feature, got cut off, they rang again, guess what, got cut off again, so I won't be doing that again.

Is there any way I would actually be able to find out my email address used for my old gamertag.

I hope someone can get back to me.

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    Hi there,


    you could try the things here:

    But I'm afraid that the only way to get the email address is by calling Xbox Support they will try to verify if you are the owner of the account via questions, so have any payment option details etc ready.


    To call Xbox Support, try this link:

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    Not trying to sound like a pain here, but I'm not going to keep requesting a call when for some reason, my phone cuts out the call before I even get to speak with an operator, I get the "press 1 to talk to "department here" thing, I hit 1, wait a few more seconds and my phone completely cuts off the call for no reason.

    I'm also not going to phone using my house landline as my mom is the bill payer and I really don't think that she wants to pay the charges for however much it costs per minute. Purely due to the fact that I don't even know if I'll be able to recover an email address that I've forgotten about as it has been 2 years since I last remember using it.

    I've checked through every email account I own and I've had no such luck so far.

    If there was a way I could resolve this without a phone call, I'd be more than happy to provide any necessary information to one of the xbox live system admins, or who ever may deal with these type of issues.

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    Sorry, the only way to resolve an issue such as this would be by contacting phone support. You will need to answer their security questions in regards to the gamertag, if you are able to do so correctly they will give you the e-mail associated with the gamertag.

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    • Suggested Answer allows you to Request a Call which eliminates the waiting-on-hold and puts you at the head of the list for an agent.  That's the quickest way to handle this.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE