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Removing an Xbox Account from Windows 8

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I made the mistake of creating a new Xbox account on my Windows 8 computer. I am already currently paying for a gold account and heard that there were more features given to gold members. Is there any way to remove my current Xbox account on my Windows 8 computer and switch it with my other account?

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    Need to remove a Windows 8 user account? Here's how to do it quickly.

    1. Open the Control Panel.

    2. Click the More Settings option.

    3. In the next window, find the User Accounts and Family Safety section.

    4. Click the Add or Remove User Accounts link.

    5. In the next window you'll see a list of users. Click the one you want to delete.

    6. A new window will be shown. Click the Delete the Account link for that user.

    7. Next, you'll have to confirm or refuse to delete all of the user's files.

    8. Finally, click the Delete Account button and the user will be removed from your Windows 8 system.

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    This is the answer I got from Msoft:

    Danisha: Excellent! Let me just post the steps on the deleting the account. You can actually print it out for future referrence.

    Danisha: Clear your profile information

    Danisha: . 1.  Sign in at .  

    Danisha: 2.  Clear the Motto , Name , Location , and Bio fields of the profile.  

    Danisha: 3.  Click Save to save the changes.  


    Danisha: Change the name on your billing contact information.

    Danisha: 1.  Sign in at .  

    Danisha: 2.  Click Billing contact information (you may be prompted to enter a code that is sent to your account that is associated with your Microsoft account).  

    Danisha: 3.  Change the first and last name on the account to Close Account .  

    Danisha: 4.  Click Save to save the changes. (This can also be performed on a console)  


    Danisha: Set your preferred contact at the Microsoft profile center.

    Danisha: 1.  Sign in at .

    Danisha: (Make sure that you sign in with your Microsoft account.)  

    Danisha: 2.  Set or remove any personal information and contact preferences.  


    Danisha: Now here are the steps to change the email address on the gamertag

    Danisha: To change your Windows Live ID

    Danisha: 1.  On your Xbox 360 console, sign in using your Xbox LIVE gamertag.  

    Danisha: 2.  Go to the Settings hub and select Account .  

    Danisha: 3.  Select Account Security .  

    Danisha: 4.  In the Your Information panel, select Windows Live ID .  

    Danisha: 5.  Select Change Windows Live ID .  

    Danisha: 6.  If you have another Windows Live ID, select Yes, I do .

    Danisha: If you do not have another Windows Live ID, go to to sign up for a Windows Live account.

    Danisha: Note : Your Microsoft Points balance will automatically be transferred to the new Windows Live ID.  

    Danisha: 7.  Enter the password for the Windows Live ID that is currently associated with your gamertag, and then select Sign in .  

    Danisha: 8.  Enter the email address and the password for the new Windows Live ID that you want to associate with your gamertag, and then select Sign in .  

    Danisha: 9.  Select Yes, change to change the Windows Live ID associated with your Xbox LIVE account.  

    Danisha: 10.  Select Update Contact Information to update your contact information or select Done to finish.  

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    The XBOX Games App in Windows 8 (PC) defaults to one WindowsLive account and you can't change it in a user friendly way once it's set (That's a problem). But you can delete the account information link stored in Windows that it is accessing so it will ask you to log in again when you start the Games app.

    Make sure the Games App is closed.

    To delete the account the Games app is using:

    start Control Panel.

    Choose User Accounts and Family Safety.

    Under Credential Manager choose Manage Windows Credentials.

    Down under Generic Credentials find the WindowsLive account that is the one you no longer want the XBOX games app logging in with.

    Right click the arrow on the right side. It will expand the information and at the bottom you have the options to Edit or Remove. Choose Remove. Close Control Panel. You don't need to make a new credential because once you log in with the correct account via the Games App, it will be added in this location automatically.

    Start the games app again and it should prompt you for your login info again. Log in with the account you wish to use.