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How to play with 2 players online with 1 live account on xbox?

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Can some body tell me how to play with 2 players on 1 xbox live account? i wanna play with my brother but we don't know how can some body tell me pleas what i should do? thanks.

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    hello there

    if you guys want to play on live but with only 1 account then you guys first have to have a game that support split screen

    and the main menu with games like blackops 2. have the 2nd controller turn on and sign into guest all the way to the bottom of the profiles list

    so you have your profile and a guest profile

    call and chat with xbox support team

    call 1-800-4-MY-XBOX if you are in US

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    Ok so with your brother when he selects the sign in button, scroll down to the bottom list and select guest. With some games the guest will have all of the same stuff such as Halo 4 and possibly Call of Duty. Two people can not be on the same account at the same time.