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How do I connect an Xbox console profile to an existing Xbox live account?

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I really want to connect with Xbox live and I already have an account but I don't know how to connect it to the console profile. I don't want to waste my my points. Is it possible?
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    Hey Staaarry,

    Yeah keeping points, achievements, contacts/friends, and all the manner of our entertainment needs in tact can be a bit of a hassle! Have you tried to download the profile in question to your console? Does the profile you are looking to create have a "Gold Membership" or is this the account we are trying to add to Xbox Live? As this account you are using appears to be a a "Silver Membership", right?  Let's start here,a nd work our way through these problem together. Thanks

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    I downloaded my Xbox live account to my console but it has 0 points, achievements... unlike my console profile. Is there a way? Thank you:)

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    Hey Staaarry,

    If you have already attempted to recover your profile it may be corrupted. In which case we can try to delete the profile and redownload it.

    Here's How to Delete The Profile:

    1. From your Dashboard Go to the last Tab, and select System.
    2. Select Storage.
    3. Select All Devices.
    4. Select the Profiles.
    5. Choose the Profile to be Deleted.
    6. Now choose to Delete.

    Please bare in mind that the 2 options are:

    • Delete Profile Only - This will delete the profile, but leave data.
    • Delete Profile and items - This will delete everything.

    You could delete everything, but let's just delete only the profile. With that done re-download the profile again:

    Guide Button (BIg X in the Middle)

    Download Profile, enter Email for the profile, enter password, select the hard drive as the storage device, wait for it, wait for it! Boom! Hopefully all should be good! Please come back and share with us your endeavors, Be  a great day


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    You created a profile offline and downloaded it, which isn't the way to do it.

    You need another microsoft account and email to transfer that gamertag onto.

    Once your microsoft account is not attached to a gamertag, you can go onto your console with the offline account and opt to join xbox live with it, and add the info to that gamertag.

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    Hello, there is no way to merge an offline profile to an online one. But if you sign into your offline profile, then click the silver button and choose join xbox live. Then you can promote the offline profile to an online one. You will need an email that is different than the one you used on your online profile. If you have issues with the email, just go to and make a new microsoft account there then just use that email and password on the account promotion process.