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Gold membership not working

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I tried to sign onto xbox live today but it came up with a message saying that my accounts been suspended and i have to update my payment options. This is due to the card iv been paying a annual auto renewal gold membership is due to expire shortly, so i put on a new card (everything on the card is correct and verified) thinking that i just needed an up to date way of payment for auto renewal which (i believe, but am not 100% sure about) was last done 2 months ago, meaning that i shouldn't be billed on the new card as i have already paid for this years membership, which i done on the console itself. I thought that would be alright and it said that i have gold membership but i went to check my friends list and it had been wiped, and the option for xbox parties said i couldn't go in one, and when i checked if i could play online it said i didn't have the right membership! Even if i was wrong about me already having paid for my membership, then surely my new card should have worked, because everytime iv renewed my membership before it was instant payment to play, no delay. Iv logged onto my account on the website and i can see my friends list and messages and stuff, and it still says i have gold membership but on my xbox i can't play games or see my friends list even though that also says im signed in on my gold account!


It completely unfair that microsoft can charge me twice for a years subscription within the space of two months, and yet still not let me have access to xbox live!

I'd really appreciate any help with this problem! if not then im just gonna have to cancel my membership, sell my xbox and get myself a ps3 (i joke). But seriously am considering cancelling my membership if i continue to be messed around.

Many thanks, Charlie

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    Try going to to see if there are any other issues there. You may have to call support to have them help you get it sorted out though.

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    Thanks for the quick reply, and iv had a look at billing theres nothing on there thats not right. I'll try support though thankyou.

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    May i ask you what support did to help you?  I am having the same issue right now.

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    Suggest you contact a Billing Agent. You can choose Option 1 after

    finding your country's support line: See -

    but a faster way to speak to a Billing Agent is to go to -

    sign in there if you can - then go to

    If you are not in the US then replace the red US above w/ yr country code

    (i.e., CA for Canada, GB for Great Britain, et al.)

    Click on Request A Call and type in a few lines explaining your issue

    and you will get called back quicker than if you waited in queue on hold.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE