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can't log into xboxlive because of proofs

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Last night i finally had to enter in my proofs for my xbox live account i had for over ten years GT smitty js and when i went to enter the email and password that i thought i have updated my account to, an error came up, So i tried to log in on with the same email and it went through but this gamer tag shows up livelypuppy3 i have no clue what account this is, but it is a sliver membership. When the proofs come up and it saids enter your email and password this email shows up on the screen [REMOVED - DO NOT POST EMAIL OR MS ACCOUNT], this is a email i have never used. I cant even bring up my information on my xbox  to see what information is on my xboxlive account because there is no way to sign in.......

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    Hello LivelyPuppy3,

    Hope this helps!

    Microsoft account/password issues

    Microsoft account is the new name for what used to be called Windows Live ID. It’s the email address and password you use to sign in to Microsoft services (including Xbox LIVE, once you’ve signed up for Xbox LIVE). Find out more.

    A pass code is a sequence of actions on your controller that works as a sort of password to control access to use of your gamertag on Xbox LIVE. Creating a passcode is optional. If you established a pass code but lost or forgot it, see Control access to your Xbox LIVE account.

    Note This page also describes the alternative way to control access to your Xbox LIVE account, which is to require password entry when anyone signs in to your account

    About security proofs

    Xbox users must sometimes prove that they’re the owners of their accounts. Account ownership is verified through “security proofs” that are provided by the account owner in advance. Types of proofs include phone numbers and alternative email addresses. If you’re unable to access these proofs, we can’t verify that you’re the actual owner of the account.

    No longer have access to your security information?

    If you see a message like this on your console when adding proofs, it’s because you’ve indicated that you don’t have access to your security information. This message indicates that you need to update your security information.


    The process of updating your security information is easy and quick. To make updates, go to Manage your security info.

    When you created your Microsoft account (previously known as your Windows Live ID), it's likely you added security information to your account. The security information that is gathered is typically a security question and answer and one or more security proofs (usually a phone number or email address). To lower the risk of unauthorized account use and ensure your full access to Xbox LIVE and other Microsoft services, you should check that your security information is up to date.

    How to check the security information on your account

    Go to Manage your security info and sign in using your Microsoft account.

    Review your security information:

    • Confirm that all proofs listed are still valid. If necessary, delete any invalid proofs and add new, up-to-date proofs to your account (learn how). It is very important that you provide valid proofs because we will use these to check ownership if you need to make changes to your account.
    • If all your security info is up to date and your phone numbers and email addresses do not have a Confirm link next to them, you’re good to go!
    • If all your security info is up to date but you see a Confirm link next to one of your proofs, you need to confirm that proof. Click Confirm and follow the instructions. You’ll need to use already confirmed proofs to make any further changes to your security info. That’s why it’s important to make sure the phone numbers and email addresses you enter are correct.

    Remove proofs that are no longer valid

    What if one of my proofs is wrong?

    1. Go to Manage your security info and sign in using your Microsoft account.
    2. Select Delete next to the proof you need to delete from your account.
    3. Follow the instructions to confirm the deletion using one of your existing proofs.

    Note If you have only one proof on your Microsoft account and you want to remove it, you may need to use that proof to validate its own removal. (For example, to remove an email address that is your only proof on your account, you may need to respond to an email message sent to that same address.)

    I can’t access any of my proofs

    If all of your security proofs (phone numbers, emails, trusted PCs) are outdated or wrong, you can request to have all the proofs removed from your account and enter new proofs. Follow these steps to reset all the security proofs for your Microsoft account:

    1. Go to Remove all security info and sign in with your Microsoft account.
    2. Click Remove all.
    3. Enter new, valid proofs. These proofs will automatically be added to your account once the old proofs are removed.

    How long will it take to reset my security proofs? Is there a way to expedite this process?

    When you opt to have all your security info removed, messages are sent to every phone and email proof on your account. For your protection, this process will take 30 days to resolve. You will not be locked out of the LIVE service during this time.

    • The process of resetting your security proofs is designed to make sure that your account isn’t being accessed by an unauthorized user and to safeguard your account information (including any credit card information associated with your account).
    • Xbox Support cannot expedite this process.
    • You have the option of creating a new account at any time. However, once your existing account has been recovered, the two accounts cannot be merged (for instance, any achievements earned or gamerscore points accumulated through your new account cannot be added to your old account).
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    Ive tried the above way and it doesnt work  because i dont the account or password that goes with my smitty js GT, and i can't log onto my live account on my xbox becuase i cant get around the proofs now. So right now im paying for an xboxlive account i have had for 10 years that i can't even log into now

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    I have the same problem can anyone help?

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    Hey there Puppy! If you don't remember the information to log into your account, please check out for steps on how to recover that information. Let us know if you have any questions about that.

    Hi Acorn! Try out the steps provided here and, if they don't work, please create a new thread here detailing your issue. We'll be happy to assist you there. Thanks!

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    I've already tried those even before you suggested them to me. Whenever I try to change my password for my original account it changes it for a new account I've never heard of. I have tied everything even contacted you guys, but it seems even you guys can't even fix the problem. Ever since this update I've lost my usage of my favorite profile that I've had for about 2 years which isn't even compared to GT smithy's 10 year profile. There are more people than us having this problem, so you guys have to help and fix this mess.

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    Hey LivelyPuppy3, i'm not sure if this solution will help or not, but I hope it does, like it did me. I had the exact same problem that you had and have been banging my head against a wall/desk to figure out what the deal is and to put it bluntly/simply, I noticed that the dash has some lag from trying to load everything and sign into xbox live at the same time. I think the answer is that it's dashboard lag, so what I did was signed into my xbox offline with that account with the correct password. Then I loaded up a game where the console only focuses on loading that game and its content and then I tried signing into xbox live with the email/pass for it while the game is running and it worked. I'm signed into live now. I don't know why I have to load a stupid game just to sign into xbox live, but it works so i'm ok with it for now. Give it a try and tell me if you have any success or not. Hope this works for you. Good luck!

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    this did not work and i really need help

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    same, this is not my account and i dont know why

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    Hey Puma! What exactly is going on? If you could create your own thread detailing the troubles your having, as well as any troubleshooting you have tried, that would be awesome. Thank you!

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    I am having the same issue. I used an old Email and I have forgotten its password and the password to my XBL account. I am quite annoyed as this has only begun to happen and o am not losing a total of 8 Months Gold Subscription by beginning a new account  

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    Hey there Corn! I would try and seeing if that will help you recover any forgotten information. If the issue persists, please create a new thread detailing your issue and any steps you've taken thus far to correct it. That way we can personalize our support to your specific issue. Thanks!

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    I cant sign into my live on my xbox I know that the email/password is right because i just changed it to day but when i try to log in on my xbox it says somthing is wrong with my profile what should i do

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    me too, pissing me off.

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    Ive tried everything but every time i put in my email/password it goes to the next page but i cant choose anything then it says that "sorry,there was a problem,please try again later. Code:80151011". What should i do to fix this problem its been going on for about 2 day and im getting irritated by it very much. Someone please HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey there Manny!  Which steps have you tried so far?  Have you moved that profile onto a USB and totally removed it from the system before attempting a redownload?  If you've tried that and all the other steps here, please make a fresh thread detailing what you've tried.  We'll be happy to help you out!