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wont let me change payment option

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So i bought a prepaid 12 month card because it was a really good price, and i entered it in like 2 months ago and it took effect a month ago. about a month ago my credit card that was tied to the account was deactivated, the system kept asking me to update my payment options but i dont want to give xbox my new credit card mostly on principle i shouldnt be forced to if i used a prepaid card. Now they have shut down my gold membership even tho my account says i have a 12 month prepaid card that doesnt expire till 01-14

On top of that when i try to update my payment info the website gives me a page that says "oops looks like youve found a glitch". And it wont let me update it from the console either.

Tried calling customer support... 3 hours wait... get your *** together microsoft... seriously..... Ive worked in telemarketing and customer support for 8 years and there is no excuse whatsoever to have a 3 hour wait unless your farming out your customer support to India... /rant

This is absolutely ridiculous i shouldnt have to give my damn card in the first place thats the whole point of a prepaid card but even if i wanted to i cant.... Anyways... What should i do?

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    You shouldn't need to, I do not, but its possible you have the automatic renewal select on your account, so need the payment info. Go to and go to your account info, and then upgrade/manage your account check to make sure auto renewal is turned off. Direct link below

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    You suggestion leads to a ..." Oops you have found a glitch in the system."  I am having the same issue as this person.  I want to change my payment option, but it won't allow me online.  I'm getting fed up with these glitch notifications.  I can usually navigate the site pretty well, and even help others through the Ambassadors program.  But now I am dealing with the issue myself and am pretty frustrated.  

    I can not update my payment option, add a new one or delete my previous one.  I can not remove auto renewal due to the glitches.  And I am not about to waste 1/8th of my day by using the call centre because the website is constantly having issues.  

    Could we have some honest solutions please?

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    Hi f4cebon3s could you please create a new thread, being an ambassador I would hope you would do so,my response I believe is correct for the OP

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    Hey f4cebon3s, I would go ahead and give Phone Support a call. They will get you squared away in no time. : )

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    Have you checked all the info, payment acct + other is current, at ?
    If so, suggest you contact a Billing Agent. You can choose Option 1 after finding your country's support line: See ...
    but a faster way to speak to an Agent is to go to - sign in there if you can - then go to

    Click on Request A Call and type in a few lines explaining your issue and you will get called back quicker than if you waited in queue on hold.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    My account ia doing the same thng. Also it wont let me  go on to the accounts part. What should i do?