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xbox stores service alert

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what is going on with xbox live i cant connect due to xbox stores service alert what gives??????

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    Me too I was playn zombies grr. Not cool

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    I couldn't connect either and then tried to re download mt profile and now I'm getting error 80004005

    Very pissed off this has happened during BLOPS2 double xp weekend

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    They're having some problems, keep an eye on this page



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    I can't seem to send any messages to anyone on my Friends list. Connected issue?

    Mike Downey, B.Sc. Palaeontology
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    Im having the same problem and no one from support seems to be able to help me.  its pissing me off

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    can anyone help please

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    I found out a way guys, just disconnected from ur wifi and then connect again it should work, it worked for me