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Was your XBOX Live account hacked??

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I am writing this post to let everyone know of the terrible job the support "team" at XBOX live "performs".  My account was hacked on the 11th of September. I could not log into my account so I called support right away. They told me right away that my account has been hacked. They did not sound surprised, so I am lead to believe this is a common problem. First off, how is the #1 computer technology and software company IN THE WORLD so easily hacked by amatures?? How is it that my password, login information, financial information, and all other details about me so EASILY and READILY hacked? If the XBOX Live network isn't safe, what the heck are they doing to protect us and out identities? According to the XBOX support team, they do not care, and are doing nothing. After I called them, they gave me the "your account is now locked until the fraud department completes an investigation that will take somewhere around 25 BUSINESS days". 25 business days huh?!? I haven't spent thousands of dollars on XBOX to be told that "they will get around to it", let alone be told I have to wait 25 days. I don't care that you "have a large backlog" due to people getting hacked. It isn't my problem, it is Microsofts. Not only has the poor security compromised me financially and personally, but I am told that it is such a huge problem, that I have to wait 25 days. Here is the real kicker. I spend EVEN MORE MONEY and start another Live account, so that I can use my XBOX while they "investigate" my account. Guess what happens next? MY old XBOX Live ID logs in. My account was "locked" you tell me? So not only does poor security compromise my information, but then you can't even stop the problem when you find out there is a problem. The customer support staff offered no solution, but did let me know they are working on it. WORKING ON IT? Get out of my face, and don't insult my intelligence. I am offered no resolution, no assurance that my information is safe, and best of all, I am treated as if I am a child or some kind of idiot. They did however, offer to give me one month of XBOX Live for "any time lost". Bunch of garbage. I am in the process of letting the world know about the security issues and how they are handled. Please join me so our voices can be heard!!

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    People do not give out your email and password online.

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    Also do not give it out on the internet things like surveys, signing up to websites and other unreal things. Only when you know they are safe like msn, facebook etc and watch out what you are doing.

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    Strong password = maximum protection. If I can find your password just by doing a bit of light Googling about you then you've got a problem.

    Ryder Cup: 10-6 up and you blew it? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Oh wait you serious? Let me laugh even harder BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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    My password was not "guessed" nor did I fill out a bogus third party form. I am a 30 year old man whom has been gaming online since online gaming was invented. I am saavy enough to know what I am doing. My account was hacked, not guessed, and not phished. HACKED.

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    dude you much of giving it out on xbox live to people or your got a guessable password

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    Quit posting on this thread, as you obviously did not read the post. If you do not have anything constructive or intelligent to add, please troll someone elses thread.

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    its not trolling is the truth and something but the truth. Its constructive and intelligent to add.

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    If xbox had a security breach than more accounts would be messed up and it would be massive.  Their end is secure, the problem is always either on the customers end or from somone socialy engenering enough info about you gain access to your account that way.

    The investigation takes time because people are so willing to give their account info away.  If people would have better security the investigations would be quicker.

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    Thanks for the reply, and I understand that people signup for phishing scams. I however, did not. MY account was hacked plain and simple. Microsoft support let me know that my account was indeed hacked as well. Please read before you post.

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    Sounds so good to be true

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    They are not competent.  For example, I am not powerfurball.  Powerfurball is a kid. I'm over sixty & don't play online games.  Powerfurball's real name is similar to mine.  Somehow, either he or the xbox geniuses associated my live account email id with his xbox account.  I finally got concerned about knowing everything he bought, logged onto the xbox account, got his fathers name, address and # and gave Pop a call.  

    He contacted phone support.  They suggested that he talk me into giving him the password to my live account so he could log on to his son's xbox account.  I almost did, but then ten years of conditioning as a trainer in computer and networking tech kicked in and I couldn't do it.  There ensued many days of emails and hours on the phone with them.

    They never seemed to understand the problem.

    Finally, I got someone on the phone who told me to do this and that and said it would work.  so I emailed Pop about that solution.  He tried it and it didn't work.  So he told me that what he did was simply cancel his son's account and set up a new one.  Maybe that cancellation will take hold in a day or two -- and then I won't be able to post as powerfurball.  

    The two accounts are separate entities with different UID's.  Somewhere on an xbox server or a live server is a little file  that creates a link between them the accounts.  All xbox support had to do was contact the system admin who handles the appropriate servers and have him/her delete that link.  But they didn't have the slightest idea what to do about the problem.

    I take the time to post this here because I want to embarrass them - and their supervisors - and their supervisor's managers - if that is at all possible.  I wouldn't expect first line phone or email support to understand the nature of the fix.  (One email guy couldn't even understand the message I sent him.  He told me he understood my account had been hacked - which was precisely, completely, wrong.)  But I would expect that someone accessible to them would have the answer in a few hours.  So those are the people who should be embarrassed - indeed, should be ashamed.

    From what I see in these posts - fat chance.

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    The reason why people react to the word "hacked" so strongly is it implies a breach in actual networking security on MS's end.  That is a really big deal to me and everyone else who has their credit card info on an account.  There are many ways to get ahold of somones account, hell even Major Nelson one of the highest xbox guys lost his because he logged in to xbox at a convention and somone watched him key in his password.

    Script kiddies who put a keylogger on your computer have not hacked xbox, people who got your info when EA was hacked have not hacked xbox.  Just understand that the network is secure, and if a breach does happen it will bigger than the Playstation network one since xbox is pay to play and their is so much financial information.

    Btw we have read your post, and if you do a google search about "hacking on xbl" you will see how many threads are posted on here saying the exact same thing.  Good example for ya, I am a networking college student, served a full tour in the army doing computer and phone networking with a security clearance and I am specilizing in network security a little bit.  I still had my hotmail account zombie spamming people some how, computer virus free but somehow it happend.  Really strong password too, numbers, special characters the works.  Did I assume that hotmail is at fault?  Hell no formatted my computer and started from scratch with an even more insane password, no more zombie email account.  Stuff happening to the end user is easy and thats where the issue is here.

    And phone support saying anthing should be taken with a grain of salt since they are so under trained and no idea what they are talking about.  The ofthen can't fix a problem so the send people here to the forums for normal users to fix their woes.