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Unable to create new account

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A friend of mine is unable to create a new account.  She's getting the following error and has tried multiple times:

date:    9/29/2011 5:22:37 AM
code:    E55361278F0560
s:     Qtq4ip8S2ilwZQLgJR0ljA==
id:     0d563b4c-4a69-4036-a6a7-2dce0e9c535f
req:     09c7d67b-94d3-429c-8496-d642b951849c

Does this mean she should simply wait and try again?

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    You could definitely try waiting a little while. Also, maybe try clearing your browser cache/cookies and restarting it, or trying a different browser. Let me know if that helps.

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    I'm said friend and was able to create an account today.  I had already cleared my cache/cookies and restarted my browser (Mozilla Firefox 7.0) but waiting seemed to do the trick.  Thank you!!  :)