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Fraudulent Charge of Premium Gold Packs

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On 9/29/2011 I received two emails stating that my Xbox Live account had been charged for a total of 6000G (70 dollars). Since I cancelled my Gold Subscription and my Xbox is basically a shelf-decoration now, I found this odd. I logged in to find my password had been changed as well. I recovered it, and now I can access my account as normal.

Suddenly I have THREE achievements in FIFA 12, a game I have never played, or thought about playing, because I hate sports. ALSO, ALL of the gamer points that were stolen were spent on Gold Premium Packs or some such for FIFA.

If I'm understanding this correctly, somebody got on my account, played FIFA, grabbed some DLC, and moved on.

It's currently 3 AM (I'm a night-owl) and I can't contact Xbox support, and I'm reading horror stories of peoples LIVE accounts being knocked out for months with zero accountability from Microsoft due to this very same issue. None of my other accounts on ANYTHING were compromised (I changed my passwords to be sure) so this HAS to be on LIVE's end.

I don't care about bricking my Xbox account, but I use Games For Windows Live (same LIVE account) to play Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and if I'm denied my street fighting, I will go insane. I've removed the card in question from the account. Contacting the credit card company at the crack of dawn, and calling Xbox support. I hope I have a better experience than others have reported with this same problem.

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    Okay. What you need to do is call 1-800-4-my-xbox and open an unauthorized access case. They will initiate an investigation that's sent to the fraud team to find out what happened to the account and where the GT went when it was taken off of your console. This will take about 25 days (at the moment), but you will get your account and your money back if they find it was taken as you say. Good luck!


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    The problem is no security especially when I read points are used to repeatedly buy a subscription to something that the owner already has time left on. I do not play anything online, I've not downloaded anything from EA Games, I do not own an xbox or an ipad or an ipod and like everyone else my only link is having this live account. People will tell you it's your fault, you must have given away your password etc etc but if someone pickpockets my credit card I still expect the bank to ask for a pin number before handing over my money... not have the staff tell me to get a coat with a zip on the inside pocket and it's my fault for not keeping my wallet safe.

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    i had 1000 MS used in my account to buy which seems to be fifa12 game content as well. I sent a message to support but didnt get any answer so far. the odd thing now is that i cant even join the foruns while logged (i have to use this one alternative live id instead) every time i try to log to post messages here i get server error. Also when checking what kind of content was purchased on history it drops 404 error.

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    Just had the same thing happen to me... account somehow moved to another console on 2nd October, Fifa 12 acheivements and 7200 points purchased and spent immediately off my linked card.    Im more annoyed after I reported it that account is suspended for 30 (!) days and I cant log in with it on my Xbox, hence no online play, no loading my Gears 3 saves or anything!!!   I had an EA account and am 100% sure I havent been fished or scammed, so wondering if somehow my account details were hacked at EA to perform this?     Glad to have found this forum though - Im in the UK and Microsoft already featured on Watchdog a week ago, so i'm emailing them about this too...

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    You should still be able to log in, the suspension only applies to making payments on your account (or so the guy I spoke to told me). I can certainly still log in despite my account being suspended. However your password has probably been changed by the person that stole your account - mine was - so you'll need to go through the password reset process first.

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    Same thing has happened to me today and yesterday

    I have Premium Gold Pack and Gold Pack in my purchases and Fifa 12 achievements.

    I have lost 6000 points.

    I only noticed because I could not sign in and had to recover my gamer tag.

    Played for a little while and then went to pick the kids up from school. Went to sign in again and the same problem, had to recover my gamer tag again.

    Password now changed.

    If it wasn't for this forum I would not have known what these packs were. They do not show up in a search on Xbox live !!

    If I click on either of the Gold packs on my purchases page I am sent to the oops page. So no info at all. Don't even know how many points they cost.

    Registered a complaint with MS.

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    Same thing happen here and already contacted Microsoft and my bank to get another card and dispute the charges. Sounds like some people have been re-hack multiple times after verify email address, changing password, recovering account, and possible changing security question. I even change my unique email password again just in case they did get into my email. I spent all yesterday going through all accounts I have on different website and changing those passwords also.

    In my case they never tried to change the password, change the mailing address, or any other information.

    It is a pain I am getting a new card from the bank but at least I know the charges will stop.

    Seems like Microsoft team should be flagging any new FiFa 2012 games on an account that tries to spend tons of points all at once.

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    Hojosky said Seems like Microsoft team should be flagging any new FiFa 2012 games on an account that tries to spend tons of points all at once.

    That's a good idea I've emailed Mr. toulouse with a similar request asking him to delay any spending of points once they've been bought or put a security pin number on points so security is in place at the point of sale. Unfortunately he is having a break away from the internet.

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    This just happened to me too JUST NOW!!  Sitting on my sofa checking email and got a confirmation note that I had purchased 6000 points for ~ $75.. called them right away, they locked the account, but not before whomever did it bought 2000 points worth of "PREMIUM GOLD PACK"'s    

    Anyone else by any chance have a PS3 network account with the same credentials?  I never changed my xbox ones after that hack.. got everything except the xbox... GRRR!  

    Need some support here!  I'm assuming it's easy for MS to see that the purchase wasn't made from my console, and I'll get the $75 back?

    Oh yep!  I see that FIFA 12 is on my game list now.  A game I've never played, downloaded, demo'ed.. anything.. what's with this.. something about this game making it happen?? 

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    Same here - 6000 points purchased then spent on PGP's and FIFA added to my achievements. Microsoft say it will take 4-6 weeks to resolve.

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    This happend to me on Tuesday.  Called support and I am now on 25 days of no live while they investigate.  Lucky for me my credit card on file had expired when they attempted to buy points.  They still zapped the points I had in my account :(