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I forgot my old MS account, i only know my gamertag and password

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Hello Xbox support and users
I had and xbox on 2005 or something like that, i created myself an account on, i only know the gamertag and password, is there any way to recover that account without the MS email?, and if i recover it; i can unactivate that account so i can use that old gamertag to change it for this account's gamertag? or i need to call Microsoft's support.
thanks for the help. 

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    Hi there,

    there is no way to recover a gamertag without having the MS email, but you can 'get' the MS email by contacting Xbox Support they will ask you a few questions about the account and if answered correctly they are able to give you the MS email.

    To contact Xbox Support use: or for the phone number


    Regarding the second question, it is not possible to unactivate an account to be able to use that old gamertag on a different account. to do so you will need to change the gamertag twice. On the old account, from your old gamertag to a new one, and on your current account, from your current (XxTictozoxX) gamertag to the old gamertag.

    See this how to change a gamertag:


    Keep in mind that each gamertag change will cost 800msp and those points will need to be on the account that is doing the change.