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Account Trouble (Suspended Due to Payment option) ???

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Hey, I have been suspended from Xbox Live which says "Your account has been suspended due to a problem with your payment option. Please use a different payment option or update your current information in account management"

This all started due to having my account hacked and I rang Microsoft about the problem as they changed my Gamertag for some known reason hence the tag "PrayedOrange".

I do not pay by Direct debit or by any sort of Card. I buy pre paid cards from the store where you have to redeem code. So how can I get suspended to have never of paid by a Debit card?

Any ideas thanks.

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    Since this may be tied to the Unauthorized Access investigation you have running, please contact Phone Support for more details.

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    Ive had this problem since this morning i tunred auto renewal off last much but no microsoft decide to try and charge me then have the cheek to ban me all for £6 all i want to no is that ive updated my profile and im going to stick some cash in my bank account will i be bk on live later 2day? Short and simple? Dont tell me to call microsoft

    J. Murray
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    turning off autorenewal after the renewal date will not prevent pending charges

    you will be suspended after 27 days after rejection of charges

    you must call before the billing date to prevent renewal charges

    you must update your payment method so the charges can go thru



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    If you allowed Xbox to investigate on your account, they suspended the account. That's why it says that.

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    Hey guys, for billing suspensions specifically, a quick call to phone support should allow you to resolve the issue. If you haven't called yet, please do so. Also, let us know if we can provide the numbers to phone support for the region you're in.

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    I'm dealing with the same BS from Xbox, except I called and cancelled my auto-renewal after I got the reminder email saying it was coming due soon. (this was just before they added the ability to do it online) I just wanted to revert to a Silver membership and I thought all was well. I was wrong, they ignored my directive and charged me anyway and since I make sure my cards don't honor what isn't supposed to be charged it was denied. My account has been suspended for like 2 months now, they won't unlock it and revert to Silver membership. They're essentially blackmailing me into paying for a year of something I don't want just to unlock my account.

    What's more, I might consider just paying for another year of gold and using it but if I do they will only apply it back to the date 2 months ago so I will be paying for 2+ months of time when I couldn't even use my account! Absolute BS. You suck Xbox. I'm playing PS3 atm btw.

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    Hey there Hun! I'm sorry to hear about the confusion you experienced with this. Unfortunately we here on the forums can't help with billing issues such as this. We suggest contacting phone support to try sorting this out with them. Please let me know if you have any trouble with this, thanks!

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    While support can't answer question about billing they could answer these questions:

    If you are investigating a fraud on a account, does the account owner get the message that it's suspended do to payment options?

    If a account says



    Renewal scheduled for:


    It means that the funds for Purchased actually wen't through and next charge wouldn't be until 2012 right?

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    It gives you that message because they have to suspend the subscription while the investigation is ongoing. Once the investigation is complete, you'll get an email with refund info such as monies, points and lost XBL time. Just hang in there, your account is supposed to be saying that right now if it is under investigation for UA :-)

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    My account has been suspended for a few days now due to the fact that the credit card i had on my account cound'nt be charged. I did'nt realize it was going to charge it again so now I want to remove the credit card and add a 3month LIVE subscription card to my account. I was wondering if I added a 3 month LIVE card if it would pay off the amount I owed Microsoft? Which is $10.00 cause if not then I'm lost. Help please

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    *** xbox they suspended e aswell my good friend paid a month of xbox for me with his paypal and then after the month suspended the card so that he did not get charged makes sence but i did by a prepaid card then xbox had the goddamn nerve to suspend me not sure how long it's only been an hour or so but it's bullshit bill gates open wide because here comes my *** *** ***

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    well byaaaaaah jose

    if you had read the simple note underneath purchase now

    you would know that the membership renews

    canceling the card will not solve the issue

    like every service in the world you must cancel the service by either calling or managing my account before the renewal date


    why would you do something that isn't accepted or normal


    you can't just cancel cards unless you have a valid reason like lost or stolen card

    thats looks really really bad on your credit rating when the creditcard has valid charges

    if you read your creditcard's terms of use

    you are required to give any service cancelation notice





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    I cancelled my Gold 4 months ago so that i could add it to my sisters family gold.

    I get the same message but its not my first time. it also says in the terms if you repeat something that gets you suspended you can be permanently suspended . when i try sign in on Xbox i get the same message as you guys but when i shin in on i get permanently band message.

    I want to ring up but I don't know how to explain it.

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    well one thing IG look at your avatar

    thats not a normal avatar thats A clear violation of the terms of use

    modifying an avatar is not allowed


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    you can post here for a offical answer but i gather its to do with your moded avatar

    phone support does not know why you were baned nor can they lift it