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How do I turn off auto renewal

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I always deactivate auto renewal for my xbox live account but somehow every month it just re-activates itself somehow and it charges me for another month.

This is a real problem because I like having control on what to pay and when to pay because sometimes I don't want to use the service yet I find out that my card was charged with another month of gold. I tried removing my payment option but it's not letting me do that either, so please tell me how to stop the service from auto renewing every month because it really is bothering me now, it has happened 5 times already, and it is not fair that you're just taking the money from me without my permission for a service I did not ask for.

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    Hey there Faith, If you are having trouble turning your Auto Renew off from, I would suggest you get in touch with Xbox Customer Support and speak to billing. They will be able to shut it off for you.


    Follow this link to Chat with Microsoft Support or to setup a call with Support. Contact Us


    I hope this helps!

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    If you can sign into you should be able to turn off autorenew yourself here. Go to "My Account" in the upper right corner. Then select turn auto renew off. It'll then ask you to get a code from one of your security proofs on file. Keep the webpage open, if it asks for you to go to an email, then open another tab and check your email and get the code, go back to the page and enter it. If you have problems with your proofs go to and sign in with your WLID. Go to "Edit Security Info" and it will again ask you to get a code and then you'll be able to add, delete & manage the proofs you have on file. If you don't have a security question add one, it's great for when you don't have a cc on file and need xbox support for something. If you don't have access to most of them you may be required to wait 30 days to remove some, but that's for security purposes. Anyway you may still need to call xbox support, but if you take care of your security proofs turning off auto-renew will always be easy.

    Also if you are able to get the code and can enter it in to continue with turning auto-renew off there's a box that you can check that says "Remember me on this device" then you won't be required to enter in the code all the time you do account security items or billing items.

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    When you turn off the auto renewal on a gold subscription, you are only turning it off on the gold you have at that time. If you go back a few days later or a month later and purchase a new gold subscription (because you are controlling when you make that purchase) then the auto renewal turns back on. You will then have to have that auto renewal turned off again. The auto renewal is not turned off forever, it's only turned off for the current gold subscription that you have. Hope that explains it a bit more.

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    Suggest you contact a Billing Agent. You can choose Option 1 after finding your country's support line: See ...


    but a faster way to speak to an Agent is to go to - sign in there if you can - then go to  Click on Request A Call and type in a few lines explaining your issue and you will get called back quicker than if you waited in queue on hold.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    THERE IS NO TURN OFF AUTO RENEWAL OPTION ANYMORE ON THIS DAMN WEBSITE. ive tried turning it off numerous times and now it won't even click on my account cuz it just says oops you have found glitch every damn time and since i wasnt able to turn off auto renewal when my credit card ran out of money it kept trying to charge it! so now my account is suspended and i cant do crap becuase microsoft is just a bunch of greedy money horders. no respect

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    then if you are having trouble turning it off on the site, call support and talk to somebody in billing, it is that simple.  and for future reference please do not hijack another thread from 4 months ago, if you have an issue with your account start a fresh thread thanks.

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    Hi there TiDX,

    If you have a support question we can assist with, please go ahead and create a new thread detailing your situation along with any troubleshooting steps that you've taken and we'll be happy to assist you.