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xbox live gold free trial

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Hello, this is my first time using the internet with my xbox and I heard there is supposed to be a thirty day free gold membership. However, I cannot find how to sign up for that on my console. I do have an old xbox model, does this have anything to do with the option not being there? Where and how can I sign up for this free trial?

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    Hello Lowercase! I see you are having problems with your account. I have a question, how old is the console and how many accounts have you created on there through its lifetime? Is this a console you purchased used or new?  

    The reason you may not be seeing the option for having a 30 day gold subscription is that for each console, there are only three 30 day trials for XBOX Live Gold.  So if you bought it used, the previous owner may have used them up before. Also, if you have created more than 3 profiles, than you may have used those trials up.  Please get back to me on this so I can further assist you in this situation.

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    Your showing as a gold account on here so that may be another reason.The free month is only for new silver accounts.

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