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Updated to the beta, lost my Gold subscription

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I updated to the Beta recently after not having internet for a while, and afterwards found that I had lost my Gold subscription. Yesterday, when I checked on trying to push the AC2 download to my Xbox, it did show that I was a Gold member, so this is the only explanation I can think of. I'd like my Gold back, this is really annoying. I paid for the ability to not be able to watch Netflix or play games? Should I have not updated? What's going on?

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    Updating to the beta shouldn't have any effect on your gold membership. Please visit this page here and look under Subscriptions, it will tell you what subscription you were signed up for and the start and end date for that membership.

    If you can't figure out when the start and end date of your latest subscription was, you can contact phone support directly and they can assist you with this. 

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