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Xbox Live wont let me sign in

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My problems are three in total: I have auto-sign in active for both my profile and Live connection. Profile works fine upon start up but my console will not sign in to Xbox Live. When I try to do so manually it prompts me for my email and password, both of which are still in the fields associated. Yet, when I confirm it promptly tells me it's incorrect and knocks me off my profile. I followed the advice on another thread and cleared the cache. The same nonsense is still happening, only this time I get this upon trying to sign into Live;

Sorry, something's wrong with your Microsoft account. Go to for help. Code: 8015D02E

I had to make a live account just to post on this site, and I was promptly given a ridiculous effing name that is nothing like my actual profile name because when I tried to use my account, it promptly kicked me over to Overlook which prevents me from doing ANYTHING but fill in a questionnaire that has information I never added to my email account.

When I try to sign back into my profile, the same prompt occur's again. I am forced to restart in order to be signed into my profile but the problem with Live persists.

I have tested my internet connection, and it works perfectly fine-it even connected to Live, but it doesn't activate on my profile AT ALL. So I know it isn't my connection.

Problem 2; my xbox profile account is actually ames4u but the email associated with it is [MOD REMOVED] but this email was deactivated for a few years back because some jag-off sent a virus and Microsoft deactivated it for the safety of my contacts. This happened when I had no access to the internet so I was completely unaware until a friend pointed out that she had gotten an email from me that her antivirus warned was dangerous. When I went to sort things out it became apparent that I would not be able to fix the problem. I cannot reactivate that email, (tried but was told to jump through a load of hoops which should not have been bloody necessary if I knew my damn password) and the email it was connected to that a new password would've been sent to was even older than that one and I have no hope in hell of remembering it's password. But that also meant I could not change my xbox profile's email without being prompted for a password which it repeatedly tells me is wrong, and I am far more worried about being locked out of my profile than anything else. But now because I cleared the cache a majority of my games that had DLC on it has prevented me from playing my games and I cannot update them due to the fact that I cannot sign in to Live.

Problem 3: This was an old email I had made years ago, and it was locked down long before Microsoft rolled out this ridiculously unnecessary security update, so I never got the chance to update my password or security details before it was locked down, let alone put in my mobile number. I am now unable to reactivate it. Nor can I change the email associated with my Xbox account!

What am I supposed to do? I am not deleting my profile and losing my progress when it's clear microsoft is more interested in working my last nerve because god forbid knowing my password be enough to reactivate my account. I am not adding my credit card details. I use microsoft points to gain access to downloadable content. I do not pay for Gold Subscription because the 'benefits' are of no use to me and I hate multiplayer. There are only three passwords I ever use so it's just not possible that I am getting them wrong. I have one password tied to certain screen names so I know that's not the problem. Nor are they the kind of passwords anyone is going to be able to guess either.

It now will not let me play any of my games that have any kind of DLC associated with it. It says my save files are damaged or corrupted. Kindly explain what the point of having an xbox is when it pulls crap like this? I spent a load of money on microsoft points and now I find that as soon as my profile takes a hissy fit for no adequitely explained reason, I promptly get robbed blind and have my games rendered useless. This is not the kind of buisness practice that instills a sense of trust or confidence in the consumer.

My Xbox is a year old, if that, and has been taken good care of. So it hasn't been used as a door stopper, stand in football, or used to trowel cement.

Can someone please for the love of all that is fluffy, explain to me what I can do? There's nothing I can do about the email, but I refuse to let my time, effort and money be flushed down the toilet because of this.

Let me repeat one more time before I the get generic hokum response: I HAVE CLEARED THE SYSTEM CACHE. IT NOW WILL NOT LET ME PLAY GAMES WITH DLC ATTACHED.



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    Hi ames2u,

    This does indeed sound pretty frustrating. If you have already tried to Recover your account to no avail, Phone Support will be the next step. 

    I hate to point you right at phone support, but I do believe they are best equipped to handle this situation.

    Let us know how it goes, or if you have anymore questions.  

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    Xbox one won't let me sign in at all on any profiles at all and it doesn't pop up any errors and when I click on my account to sign in it won't do anything it just goes back to the home and won't sign in.

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    Try to sign-in your accounts on and update your account profile. Make sure you have a security proofs in your file (alternate email address and phone number) then update your personal information and change your account password. Note: When you are updating your account information make sure your profile was deleted on your console.

    Hence: Do not delete your profile if you don't remember your account log-in (Email and password)


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    Okay I don't know how to start a forum but I can post. Now I can't record on xbox one with game DVR pops up a error I forget which one but I'd like it to work I even try saying "xbox record that" and it doesn't work. Well also I have my xbox 360 hooked up to my xbox one and it's playing my xbox 360 through the watch tv app on xbox one I'd like for the recored feature to work so I can record my games that I play on my xbox 360.

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    i havnt been on xbox live for a while, i tried to access my account today but wouldnt let me on without my password, i got my password reset but now i can only be logged in through the laptop and not the xbox because its saying my password is not correct on the xbox although im logged in here :( wtf

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    you most likely have 2step verification activated.

    visit and sign in there, use "security and Password", if it is enabled either Setup an "app Password" to use for your console, or disable this Feature to use your normal Password instead