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Cant Sign in to LIVE due to Proofs

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I know this has been posted several times before, by many other people... and my case may not be unique. I tried to sign into my account today, and it asked for a password and my email, my Profile is linked to my primary Microsoft account. I put in the log in information for this, and it did not work. I followed the steps to set up two-step verification, I have deleted and reinstalled the profile, tired using app passwords. None of these have worked. It tells me my password is incorrect every time I have tried. I am getting really frustrated with this, as it has only started today, because it worked fine last night. I have reset my password twice to try and solve the issue, but it still doesn't work. I have tried everything I could find on password recovery link on, I have read several support threads, nothing has worked... this is my only profile, and I have put over 200 dollars into it so far.. I do not want to lose all of that over whatever issue this may be. If you have anything that you think will help me, please reply. Also this is NOT my account, it is a random one I did not create that popped up when I signed in here, long story short, THIS IS NOT AN ACCOUNT I KNOW, OR HAVE CREATED, I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THIS ACCOUNT CAME FROM.


The error code given upon logging failure is: 8015D002

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    I almost have the same problem: it doesn't accept my e-mail, so I can't connect my mainprofile with xboxlive. I also got the same error code :(

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    Hello Two,

    Sorry to hear about the account troubles. Let's see if we can get this sorted.

    Below are some troubleshooting steps I would suggest trying.

    Solution 1: Did you recently sign up for two-step verification? 

    If you recently turned on two-step verification, you may not know how to sign in to apps or devices that don't accept security codes. Some apps (like the mail apps on some smartphones) and devices (like the Xbox 360) can't prompt you to enter a security proof when you try to sign in. If you get an incorrect-password error with an app or device, you'll need to create a unique app password to sign in. After you sign in with your app password, you're all set to use that app or device. You’ll use this new app password to sign in to your device instead of using your Microsoft account password.

    You'll need to create and sign in with an app password once for each app or device that can't prompt you for a security proof.

    1. Sign in to your Microsoft account.
    2. Under Password and security info, tap or click Edit security info
      If you're prompted for a security proof, enter it and tap or click Submit.
    3. Under App passwords, tap or click Create a new app password
      A new app password is generated and appears on your screen. 
    4. When you’re prompted for your Microsoft account password on your Xbox console, enter the app password that you created online.

      After you sign in with your app password, you're all set to use that app or device. You will use this new app password to sign in to your device instead of your Microsoft account password. 

    Solution 2: Verify your Microsoft account security information

    Follow these steps:

    1. Visit Microsoft account
      Note If you forgot your password or can’t sign in using your password, reset your password.
    2. Click Edit security info.
    3. Verify your security information. For example, verify the Phone numberAlternate email address, and Security question information.
    4. Sign out of your Microsoft account and then sign in again.
    5. Try to sign in to Xbox LIVE again.

    Solution 3: Delete and re-download your Xbox LIVE profile

    For help, see Download, move, or delete your Xbox LIVE profile.

    Solution 4: Clear the system cache

    To clear the system cache, follow these steps:

    1. Press the Guide button on your controller, select Settings, and then select System Settings.
    2. Select Storage or Memory.
    1. Highlight any storage device, and then press Y on your controller. (It doesn't matter which storage device you select; the cache will be cleared for all storage devices.)
    2. Select Clear System Cache.
    1. When prompted to confirm storage device maintenance, select Yes.

    Let us know how that goes, or if you have anymore questions. 


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    I have ,as I told before, the same problem and I think that I know, what it is: I have a normal e-mailaccount from a provider that is not from Microsoft (like,, ...) and I get the same errorcode too :8015d002. It means that I haven't got a microsoftaccount. Two years ago you only needed an e-mailaccount and a password, but today you need a microsoftaccount. RetiaryTwo6 and I only have an e-mailaccount that is connected two our maingamertag so we can't complete the security-proof-thing and cause of that we can't sign in so we could change our e-mailaccount that is connected with the gamertag. But we also can't sign in on with the microsoftaccount that is connected with the gamertag because it doesn't exist and we can't redownload the profile because it doesn't exist too. If we can't get around this security-proof-thing, we won't be able to sign in on our xboxes.

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    Hey there After,

    • Were you able to try out the steps listed by Mister Ohnaka?

    If you weren't able to as it sounds like from your post then I would recommend contacting our Phone Support and speaking with an Account agent to help resolve your account issues.

    Please keep us posted on how things go.