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Family Issues, Unable to Accept T&C

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Hello, recently in my family there has been an incident which has cracked it into two parts (i.e my Dad's been convicted of domestic violence) and I cannot access the parental account as it was on my Dad's E-Mail address; we cannot contact him and he cannot contact us and so I'm not sure on how I can accept the new Terms & Conditions. I was hoping to be able to change the parental account to my Mother's E-mail instead but I've no clue how...

If anyone could help me resolve this issue I'd be extremely greatful as I can't find another way around it as there are no options on the interface to change the parental account and if there were I suspect that I'd need to enter the primary address in order to enter the new address and it would be breaking the law now to come into contact with Dad and would also break the terms of his bail (He'd gain permission to contact us again and would likely prosecute us for breaking the terms and would also begin harassing Mother and I don't want that).


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  • Unfortunately, even support won't be able to help with this one.  Other than suggesting you create a new gamertag I can only come up with one possible solution for you.

    You say your dad has been in trouble with the law (putting it succinctly).  If that is the case why not have your lawyer go through his lawyer asking for the email and password for your account so you don't have to create a new one.  If your dad is out on bail at the moment that will be the only legitimate means of contact you have.  If the answer is no your only recourse will be to create a new tag.

    Sorry I couldn't help further.

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