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Family pack: transition to individual accounts has not happened.

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as per my title, I am/was the main account for the family pack in our household, and thought that the transition from pack to individual accounts had happened last week, as we all received an xbox live message informing us that the change had occurred.

However, one of my sons informed me yesterday that he is still tied to all the same purchasing restrictions as before ("this task must be performed by the primary account", me needing to sign in to authorise certain things), and on further investigation, I have seen that my own account status is still showing Xbox Live Gold Family -12 Months, and I cannot add any further time to my account, either by adding a pre-paid code, or via the website or console.

Any advice, or thoughts as to why I we are still tied to the family pack (even though I wish it was still an option for us - seems as shame to let my tenure lapse, but cannot justify £120+ for all of us come renewal time.

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    Hi, according to the family pack faq there are situations where the transition may not take place as planned,  check out this link for more info please to see if these apply to you.


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    I'm part of a Family Pack too and we haven't been put into individual live yet.

    and this link:

    didn't really answer any of my concerns. Does the main family pack owner have to go to their email address to confirm the transaction?   Or will it automatically convert?

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    Hi EggsBoxJuan, thanks for your reply, but sadly, the link shed no light on my situation - my autorenewal date is set for February next year, so that's not an issue.   I've rechecked all my messages (both on my console and my email) and they were sent out on the 27th August, and don't actually state that the conversion has taken place but that it will happen "starting this week", so perhaps I am still in the queue for conversion, so to speak.

    Thanks for the assistance though.