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unable to change my automatic billing

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I have followed the instructions to change my account settings, but in my profile it says I have a free account, even though i have gold membership that expires on 25/1/2012, I want to stop my automatic subscription as I have a code for 2012,

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    To change your automatic renewal you can do so at under the My Account option. Here is a link with detailed steps of what to do.

    If you have a prepaid code, once you redeem it with either or through your console, your membership will update with the new expiration date. Here is a link to steps for redeeming codes:

    Good ol\' Rus!

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    my problem is that the profile shown is not my game profile, so when I go into my account it is telling me I do not have gold membership and I cannot see the tab where i can change my subscription, I either I have a second accout and cannot get into my main account or I am paying for someone elses account