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Error Code: 80151103

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i cannot download my XBL profile please help, i accidently deleted it today because my usb became corrupt!! i then connected to XBL to try and redownload it so i waited while my console updated and finaly i put all my account details in correctly and after choosing which profile i wanted to download it loaded nearly all the way then the error message appeared. Ive done this many times on all different xbox's and after updating my xbox this is the first time its happend!!

thank you to anyone who solves this problem for me!!

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  • problem solved!!

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    Glad to hear it! Would you mind letting us know what you did to resolve the issue? :-)

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    How did you solve the problem?

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    mine is acting up too and i would really like  to know how you solved it

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    ok, i had been having this problem. I did a little messing around

    this worked for me, but might not work for all. sign into your msn account online @

    mine had been blocked due to "an excessive amount of spamming". Follow the steps to unblock it on the site (they send you a text with a 4 number do have to have a phone, and text message rates *will* apply). I then recovered my tag successfully... hope it promises.

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    Hey everyone! Just a small update, we are still investigating this error. We have a couple suggestions up in the sticky post ( and we'd like to keep this conversation there. Thanks!

    Xbox Community Ambassadors Team
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