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Necesito recuperar mi cuenta de correo correspondiente a mi usuario

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Heeeeeeeeeellllppp, mi usuario en xbox live es rikar2hell, mi correo [MOD REMOVED], pero al entrar en la laptop me muestra otro usuario (ChubbierPiano37), en mi xbox aun existe mi usuario rikar2hell pero al poner la contraseña de mi windows live me dice que no es correcto, cómo lo soluciono? Repito, mi perfil en XboxLive es rikar2hell, mi correo es rikar2hell, pero no me lo acepta, cómo valido la cuenta de correo de mi xboxlive id? si ya no me deja entrar el xbox!!


Do Heeeeeeeeeellllppp, my username on xbox live is rikar2hell, my email [MOD REMOVED], but upon entering the laptop shows me another user (ChubbierPiano37) in my xbox still my user rikar2hell exists but to put my windows live password tells me that it is not correct, how I fix it? Do I repeat, my Xbox Live profile is rikar2hell, my email is rikar2hell, but does not accept it, me how valid my xboxlive email account id? If already not let me enter the xbox!] 

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    Hey there rikar,

    I'm really sorry to hear you're having issues signing into your account.

    From what you're describing I would recommend contacting your local Phone Support team. They will be best equipped moving forward to look into your account with you and sort things out.

    Please keep us posted on how everything goes.