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How to remarry in Skyrim (Xbox)?

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Ok, so my wife has died, and I've gotten the letter from the courier tellin me this. Now how can I get remarried? I already have the amulet of Mara on and yet sylgja (whom I've already finished the quest for) wont talk to me about it. 

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    hmmm... when my "wife" died in skyrim i also got the letter. then later on i just putted on the amulet and asked some woman (can't remember the name  :P) and i had the opurtuity to marry her so maybe it is something wrong with her. try on another woman (or man :P) C:

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    Please note this post was made in December of 2011. The Original poster probbally has the problem solved by now.

    Please make sure you are not bumping old post. Look at posting date before posting.


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