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can't download my profile error code: 80070570

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a while back i went to play my xbox and my profile was just gone! no big deal, right? just download it again. wrong. every time i try it says "profiles can not be downloaded at this time" and gives me that error code. what's the deal? i have a paid subscription and microsoft points that are just worthless. this has been going on for over a month. i called support and they just gave me the run around and had me re-try downloading my profile/updating my xbox. nothing worked. can anyone sort this out? i want my games. i want my points. i want my saves. this is ridiculous. >_<     

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  • I would suggest checking your hard drive see if your profile is showing in the hard drive. If it is delete it ( Make sure to delete profile only) Then try to download your profile again. I hope this helps.

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