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gamertag availability

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I'd like to know if its possible to check the availability of  gamer tag without getting on my xbox. I'm thinking of changing it but I'd like to know if the one i want is available without having start up my xbox and going through all that hubbub.

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    You can search for a Gamertag on First, navigate to your Friends Hub located through the Social Dropdown menu. Then there is a search bar titled "Find a Friend." there, search the gamertag you want to check the availability on, and it will bring you to a profile. (Or Not.)




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  • Even with that search option, the best way to find out if a gamertag is available is by trying to change yours to it. The search option will not show you gamertags that are used on other Microsoft services and if you were to search for "Gamertag" it may not show it even though "Gamer tag" is in use. The system doesn't see the spaces as being different gamertags.

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    The Question was how to check on



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    Yes, but I did want to make sure the OP understands that it still might not show everything. So even if you search from that and you think a gamertag is available, once you try changing it the system might still say it's been taken.

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    Thanks for Clarifying. =)