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Obsolete email address and forgotten password

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Hi there,

I created my Xbox Live account years ago on my dads email address which is now no longer in use and has been changed, it was an old "" address. I have recently purchased a Nokia Lumia phone and would like to include my Xbox Live profile on it because I have had it for many years and have acquired quiet a lot of gamer points. I have tried changing my Windows Live ID associated with my gamertag from my console but because we set it up ages ago I have stupidly forgotten the password, I also cannot reset the password because we can't receive the email from that old address. I have tried phoning customer support before but I have had no luck. Is there anyway I can change my Windows Live ID and Password so that it is associated with my email address so that I can acquire it on my phone?

Many thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Hey Player961405240! I'm afraid only phone support would be able to assist you with this issue. You'll need to contact them again and pass baseline verification to receive assistance on this. Best of luck! :)

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    The only way, as mentioned is to cal Support and go thru the account verification process.  You can get an email version to.  I had the same problem some years ago (except mine was a address).  If you can answer enough questions correctly they will give u a password-reset link to any email address you send them them.  If not, they won't.  I would get the email cause that way you research the answers.  it took mew a few months and six forms to finally answer them right!

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    Player, your best bet is to go here:


    From there click the "can't access my account" link located under the password area of sign in.  If you follow these steps, you eventually get to an area where it asks how you want to reset your password.  Obviously a reset by email will not work.  One of the other common ways to reset it is by security question, which you can certainly try.  If that does not work you would likely have to do the customer support option on that page (keep in mind that is WLID support, not Xbox) in which you have to fill out a form of information.  If you provide enough information, they will send a reset link to a different email of your choosing.  Hope this info help.

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    Hey thanks for the answers guys.

    I've phoned three times now and I'm dreading the phone bill because it is an 0800 number. I obviously take the blame for not keeping a record of the password and then the email subsequently becoming obsolete but this was from years an years ago, I've been a loyal customer since the original Xbox was first released.

    The second lady on the phone told me if I brought some Microsoft points and uploaded them onto my console then I could place the last 5 digits onto the customer support form and they could then verify that it is my account. I did this and it came back as failed again. I phoned again and all the advice given to me was basically hounding me for mine and my families details. There is no bank account details activated on my 360 and it is plainly obvious that it is my account and all I want to do is switch my windows live ID so that I could have my gamertag on my phone.

    I'm sorry but the service is appalling and fishing for all my and my families details to get the account switched over is embarrassing. You don't need my credit card number to show that I have just activated points on my account and I said from the beginning that I didn't put my account details on there. This is supposed to be Microsoft, I've really lost support for you guys and I might just take back my phone and sell my 360- 40 000+ gamer points down the drain.

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    Sorry about that, Player. I can understand your frustration and I do apologize for the inconvenience. With that said, you will need to be able to pass the baseline verification Miss Kleo mentioned before support can help with this issue. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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    Good luck man, I've tried for a few years and made multiple calls trying to get back my original gamertag. they keep asking for the credit card that I originally paid for xbox live with back on the original xbox. That card no longer exists, I can give them my old address, my old phone number, but not the email. I have passed virtually all tests, they even say that it is in my name(so I know that no one else is using the account, and it hasn't been logged into for over 6 years), but can't help me further...isn't that a little odd? Anyways...yeah, same situation, but I'm trying to get my old gamertag even if meant buying it, but they act like I'm asking for something completely unreasonable, I'm trying to get access to an account that has been unused for half a decade...I would have expected it to have been deleted by now and the name to be up for grabs at this point, but its not.?

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