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ERROR 80151012

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I recently tried to download my profile onto my new Xbox, but I keep getting this error. I've called 4 times and was told to post it here for a possible answer. I've updated the billing, changed the password, the windows ID, went to 3 different sites as instructed, and it only downloads to a 3rd of the way before the error pops up. I'm going from a MW2 console to a slim with 320GB so space is plenty. My SR number is (mod edit) and I was told to post that. I've even cleared system cash and ran initial set up. Ideas? Thanks

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    Try resetting the modem/router.


    Also, Support was wrong about posting your serial number on here. NEVER give it personal info such as that.


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    Tried that. Doesn't work. Won't even let me make a new profile. And a sr number is a service number from when I called

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    Hey!, Fire could you post that service number just incase a Xbox Support Agent looks at this thread. They could look up that number! 1. Delete your gamertag. 2. clear the system cache twice. 3.clear the marketplace cache. 4. power off the console. 5. power on the console. 6. download the gamertag and see if you get the error.


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    I can't download my gt..... How can I delete it?

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    That error is supposed to related to your WLID being blocked.... but you can sign in online. Sometimes changing the password prompts the "Your account has been blocked" message and allows you to unblock it. Technically, blocked ids are windows live support... which is probably the most frustrating experience you can have. The only way I am aware of to work with them is and posting a question.

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    HOW TO SOLVE THE ERROR 80151012:::::::>>

    hello, Im from mexico, four days ago i suffer from this problem AND:

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>- I got my account 4 days after perfectly  functioning,!!!!

    OK Im gona tell what i did before I FOUND the KEY to solve this problem:

    What i did and didnt work:

    1) reset password of my Microsft account ( known before as windows live id)

    2)erase the internal memory of my xbox 360, and the memory of my Hard Disk Drive,

    3) Select my Internal memory of the Xbox 360 with 4 gb, and my HDD too.

    4) reseting my internet providers modem..

    5) send emails to xbox support (what a waste of time)

    6) the official information of xbox to solve  this error was a waste of time too.


    The important thing>>> In my house i have 2 internet modem  providers, one is shared with my family, the other  is just for me and my xbox, i was using the modem that is for my personal use, one day the error 80151012 appear, so after trying a lot of things i tried to download my Gametarg from a different modem, And i use the internet from the  modem that was shared with all my family...

    guess what!!! It Worked!!!



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    I had the same problem earlier, and after a little searching I found the solution:

    Go to on the same network as your Xbox.

    Sign in on the profile Being Recovered

    Get the text message code sent

    Enter the code

    Go to your Xbox and try to recover again

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    Hey there WICKED JUGGL4!

    This thread is quite a bit old.  I recommend creating a new thread if you haven't already.  This way you can receive support specifically tailored to you.  Be sure to include the details of the issue as well as any troubleshooting steps that you have tried.  Thanks in advance!

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