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Glitch in the System

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So the online for my account has been working since December of 2011. Long story short, my brother tried using my account while I was gone sometime but in order to do that he had to accept terms of use for an update that had just happened, and in order to do that he needs my parents Windows Live ID , but he typed in the wrong email and password. So every time I try to sign in on my account I have to accept the Terms of Use or I can't go online. The problem is every time the Terms of Use window pops up the wrong email that my brother typed in is still in the email slot, and it won't let me change it for some reason. Then I took it to and I sign in as my account and I have to do the same thing I have to do on the xbox, except when I type in my parents Windows Live ID, it says a glitch has occured in the system....dunno what to do. Or how to fix it.

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    Suggest you go to a PC w/ web access, go to and update one of the proofs there, which will force parental approval on the PC which won't have the wrong parental ID.

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