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Add Members to Xbox Family Account Via PC

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I'd like to add family members with existing Xbox Live profiles to my family account.  They (and their consoles) are not in my home right now, but they are within my country.

I'd rather not go through the hassle of downloading their profiles to my console, and adding them to my family.

The Xbox website indicates that there is a way to add members through a PC on the Xbox website.  However, it does not seem to exist at present.

Is this "coming soon", or I am just missing something?

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    Did you try this?:

    1. Go to

    2. Click Add Family Member

    3. Enter the email address for the family member’s Microsoft account (formerly known as the Windows Live ID) and when asked, their password .

    4. Add them to the family.

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    There is no "Add Family Member" to click.  

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    Did you use Internet Explorer? This feature does not work with some non-Microsoft web browsers because some of those browsers don't handle Active Server Pages well (web pages which end in .aspx).

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    Did you use Internet Explorer?


    Not initially.  I then tried it in IE 8 (on a PC running Windows 7)  There was still no "add family member" option.

    I downloaded IE 9 and tried again.  There was still no "add family member" option.

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    OK, that's a gen-yew-wine web page problem. Can we get someone Official on this, please?

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    This was an option previously I believe, someone else had also made a thread on this topic and it was said that you cannot add family members to the XBOX Live Family Pack on the PC anymore (or at all), the only way to add them would be through the XBOX 360 console.

    "To add a family member, go to Settings, Family on your Xbox console."


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    im having a similar issue except when  i try to add the user to my family i get an error after i enter their email and pass that says cant sign in to your windows live account if the problem persist go to so i went there and changed the password and everything but it still gives me the same error. any help would be appreciated.


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    Hey there! As this thread is a bit old could you please create a new one for us? Be sure to include a full description of your situation including any and all error messages you are seeing and all the troubleshooting steps you've had so far. We'll be happy to help! Thanks in advance. Standing by for your response.

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