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I forgot my xbox live account password

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I know you guys have probably heard this many times before! I created an xbox live account in 2006 and over time I simply forgot my password. My problem arises where I cannot access my email account as it was a college email and I have long since graduated. Well, a month ago my xbox broke and when I bought a new xbox it asked for my password. I was on the phone with the people from the xbox phone line and they asked me a bunch of information concerning my account which I could remember. They guided me through some steps on how to write an email to the windows live id people. The windows live id people were NO help at all, as all I got were auto response messages from them saying I did not have enough information. This kind of made me mad because the windows live id people never even asked me for any info. The guys from the xbox support phone line did. I have all the information concerning my account, the address, the billing info, my phone number, and any other question like for example if I had purchased any games or DLC online through the xbox live marketplace. Questions that only the actual owner of the account could answer. It would be a great  if someone could help me out here! I have the microsoft service number that the agent on the phone gave me ( actually I have like 3 of them since ive called like a million times ). It would be great if someone could help me ASAP! I am eager to get back to playing BATTLEFIELD 3 :)

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    Hi there,


    have you tried resetting the password via these steps?

    there's also a link to contact Microsoft Account Customer Service on this link

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    Well, your password is gone...hate to tell you that.  MS does not keep track of passwords.  Your only chance is to reset the password.  But in since your original email is dead you least not now.  I was in the same situation a few years ago and finally had to try at least 6 times to fill out the email verification form...try that instead of phone.  The catch is that MS wont tell you what you missed...just that you did not pass.  I finally passed but it took a few months.  In the end I gave them an email (that worked!) that I was able to use to get a password reset link.

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    Hey Zappiest!

    You could also attempt to contact your post-secondary institution.  Most institutions will keep email accounts active for the equivalent length of study after graduation. For example if you did 3 years in college from 2006-2009 your account should still be available until September 2012.  (Doesn't apply to all PSIs but many) If you call up the registrar's office and explain you need to recover your email, they will most likely transfer you to the Institution's IT department and you should be able to recover your account and password.

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    if you use microsoft (hotmail) go to hotmail and reset password when you go on enter your email then it gives you options of security or go on to your email and recover it :)