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When I go to "Manage Payment Options" in My Account, I check the payment options and it says in red letters "You have no valid payment options on file" or something along those lines. My understanding is it's supposed to just say "No payment options on file," right? I did use my credit card a while back, but then successfully removed it, or so I thought. I don't see it appear as one of my payment options. What's going on?

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  • If you don't have any payment options on file, then yes, it would show that. It's basically just the same message.

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    Hey there Bkeelz! In addition to modifying your payment methods on the console, you can also update them online at Log in there and make sure your payment methods are up to date. I hope this helps, thanks!

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    I don't want to update any payment options, I was just wondering if I was able to successfully remove my payment option even with that message popping up.

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    Hello there keelz

    As far as I know you payment option has been removed.

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