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Merging offline and online accounts

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I've had had an 'offline' account on my Xbox console for a while now. The other day I purchased an xbox live subscription online, but when I try to log into the 'Join Xbox' section on the console, I keep getting an error "This Windows Live ID is associated with another gamertag."

If at all possible, I would like to have the online activity put onto my gamertag on the console, so I can keep my acheivments and gamer scores. This account has not even been signed in as Xbox live, if that helps at all?


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    Sorry, it's not possible to merge profiles (offline/online, or online/online etc). What you can do though is take the offline profile online with and register it with a new e-mail address and after that contact phone support to cancel your gold membership so customer service can give you a token for the remainder of the membership so you can put it on the correct profile.

    There wouldn't be any other way to do this unfortunately.

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    Hello there,

    Unfortunately you cannot merge profiles.

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    It's not possible to merge accounts, same goes for MS Points

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