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Windows Live ID Lost/Account Locked

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I've forgotten my Windows Live ID to my gamer-tag "HoH DirtyDonny" and cannot access it because I have transferred my data from my old system to my new slim system and it requires me to provide the Windows Live ID to even sign the profile in on the console. I've called up Xbox and talked to them and when they tried to access it the account was locked on Microsoft level above the Xbox division. I have been told this has been pushed through escalations but that was last week and I still have heard no reply from them. I am paying for Xbox LIVE on an account that's locked by the same company I'm paying for the service because the Xbox division cannot properly communicate with the Microsoft branch. Why have measures on the Xbox side that the Xbox support team cannot access? That's retarded for lack of a better word.

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    If the account has already been escalated then you will need to hear back from the account specialist that's in charge of finding out why your account is locked. This process isn't instant and it can take some time to do this, as I'm sure you've been told. There's nothing that forum support agents would be able to do to speed this process up, unfortunately.

    If you'd like some sort of update to your account escalation, please contact phone support again and provide the customer service agent that handles your call with the service request number that you were given at the end of your previous call. They would be the only ones to provide an update to the case if there was any in their case notes.

    An Xbox LIVE account is controlled under a Microsoft Account. This is not the only service that's controlled with a Microsoft Account there are many other services like Xbox Music (formally Zune), Windows Phone, Games for Windows LIVE, etc. They all use gamertags, yes, but each have a separate functioning branch under the Microsoft Account. This is why they have a totally separate account team that handles blocks, and all of the rest.

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