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Xbox Live Account Email association

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So I was hoping to consolidate my accounts to my Gmail account.

Currently my Xbox live account is associated with my Hotmail account.  I attempted to create a new gamertag/account with my gmail account and it tells me that someone already has an account with that email.

Can someone use an email address belonging to someone else as their login user ID on live?  Do I have any recourse to get it back?

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  • Likely what's happened is you have accidentally created a second Xbox Live account.

    Go to and sign in there with the address then take a look at the gamertag in orange at upper right. Look familiar?

    You can reset the password at and once you have the password, you can sign in at and on that web page, Update the email address to put in something other than the address.

    Then, 30 days later, you can sign back in with your  at and on that web page, put the address on your preferred account.

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    How can I login with my gmail account if I don't have the password.  I attempted a password recovery, and it's going to another email it seems, because I did not receive a reset password email.  

    I think someone else is using my gmail as their login?

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    You can reset the Microsoft Account password at using the Security Question or at or reset all the account proofs including the alternate email address on that account at

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