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Can't register/repair console, An error has occurred in the system, please try again.

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Several months ago i could register, review and start a repair (at, i never have any problem, till 2 months ago when i login in and proceed to check the warranty status of my console givin me this error "System Error Occured - An error has occurred in the system, please try again." i supposed the page was in maintenance, but i was wrong, because still today it appears this error, i tried differente computers, different isp, different explorer (chrome and ie), clear cookies, etc. one friend came to my house and he can see the page normal.

What can i do?

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    I was able to just do it, so I know the system is working. Go to, on the top of the page click support and Xbox 360, Kinect and acessories. Scroll down to how to repair and follow instructions. The next page walks you through, with links, to how to register a product and begin an order repair.

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    Ive done it several times, i know my problem is isolated because everybody isnt having problems, like i said 2 months ago was working just fine, i suspect its a database error, so it is out of my reach. So i hope someone of the IT Department see this and give me a hand.

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    Having same problem. Would greatly appreciate help.

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    Hi Pride. This thread is a bit old. If you could go ahead and create a new thread, detailing your troubles a bit more, that would be great. Thank you!