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Rename Microsoft Account

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when i created my Microsoft account is mis-typed the account name/email to be (having 2 L's in gmail) This causes issues because MS tries to send emails to the When i try to rename my MS account is get the message,"the email address associated with your Microsoft account can't be changed". How can i rename the account or does it have to be deleted and created new? 


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    1: Go to

    2: Sign in with your Microsoft Account

    3: In the top right corner head to "My Account"

    4: And click on "Contact Preferences"

    5: And finally just change the email adress for the correct one.

    Or simply head to this link: And follow the last step. ;)

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    You'll have to contact MS support for this one. They can fix this up in a hurry.

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    NOTE: The answer I provided above only works when changing the email adress that Microsoft will use to contact you. If you wish to change the MS account linked with your Gamertag, head this way: and follow the steps.

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    There are three email addresses in the Xbox system for every account.


    A) The Microsoft Account, also known as the Windows Live ID, which is used to sign in at websites and download the profile to the Xbox. There's only one

    Microsoft Account for every Gamertag, and only one Gamertag for every Microsoft Account. If that addresse no longer works or is wrong, you can keep using it

    until you have time to contact Xbox Support  for help with your account. You can check or change that on

    your console with Settings | Account | --> --> Account Security | and your current Microsoft Account addresse will appear at right - and there's where to change it.


    B) The alternate email address is where password reset messages go. You can see that at and change that by selecting

    Edit Security Info there or at


    C) The billing contact email address is where billing statements go. You can see & change that at by choosing Billing Contact

    Information or on the console with Settings | Account --> --> Account Security | Billing Information


    B & C can be the same. Ideally, A should not be B or C but that often happens.


    Once you have a new Microsoft Account prepared, you can change it on the console.


    Prepare the new Microsoft Account addresse at then once you've completed that, go on your Xbox to Settings | Account | --> --> Account Security | Change Microsoft Account

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE