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"An outstanding balance exists..." + new card

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Right, so I got a new issue of my debit card recently, I updated my payment details in the other places I use it but forgot about my xbox! I just added my new card as a brand spanking new payment option rather than edit the new card's details over my old one after a problem with another site but I can't remove the now unusable payment option because of "An outstanding balance exists on this payment instrument. Please try again later.".

What can I do to fix this so I can remove the old card? Will it just fix itself when the test charges for the new card mentioned in this announcement thread are completed? Do I have to phone someone?

Also this is my first time using the new forums, they look nice.

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    Nevermind! Eventually found my way to the microsoft billing website, changed to my new payment option and it's fixed it. Anyone who encounters the same problem should do the same :D

    My Xbox -> Accounts -> Billing History (goes directly to

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    please same prob please tell me how.

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    go to the website that Blue Jess linked to and switch over your old credit card to a new credit card

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    does outstanding balance mean that there is a fee i have to pay from that old card?

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    Yes, you must add a new card or pay the old fee. Usually this means microsoft points or live gold still tied to the card.

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    Do you guys know if it still charge you more?

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    You can't have a balance from MS points Jeiu, only renewal fees.  All MS points are charged at the time of purchase or else they won't go through.

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    Ummm well i forgott to put money in my bank you see and i thought i get charged, so i went to nationwide (mybank) and they destroyed my card and gave me a new one with same details etc. I never got charged but i cant remove mine because of the same message 'an outstanding balance exists on this payment'  Do i have to pay it? Fuc*k that if i got to i just sell my xbox Lol