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Can't Move my Xbox Live account to my USB! Error occurs. Please Help!

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I seem to be having difficulty trying to move my xbox live account to my USB. Every time I try to do it, it says that the action cannot be done or something like that. There is nothing wrong with my USB (Or from what I hope) becuase it is a 4 GB USB and I already configured it and everything with enough space to put profiles on it. Also for some reason it lets me move non-xbox live accounts on it so there is nothing wrong with it. For some reason my Xbox just does not like to move my XBOX LIVE account from my Xbox 360 to my USB. I tryed looking online for answers and it seems that this is happening to many other people too and they also don't know why it is happening. Another thing is I can't seem to move save games to other profiles (Minecraft saves from a non-xbox live account to a actually Xbox LIVE account to be specific). A error occurs saying that the save cannot move between profiles.

So please if anyone has any ideas let me know. I'll be checking back now and then to see if there any responses. If there are any questions or you are having a hard time understanding my problem let me know and can try to rewrite my situation.

Thanks! :)

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  • Hey there!  What's the exact error message you get when you try to move those profiles?  ALso, have you tried downloading it directly to the USB?  Thanks!  We'll get to the bottom of this. :)

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    One problem I have run into when trying to move my profile to/from a USB and I get the "profile cannot be moved at this time" error is I sometimes forget I have to be logged out of my profile to move it. Are you logged out of your profile when you try to move it?


    I know, small detail, but easily overlooked.


    To my knowledge you can't move games saves between profiles. I know other profiles can join each other's games, but the game save is still tied to the original profile.


    I hope at least part of this helps.

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    Hey nevermind about the question! I been gone for a while and just got back on my xbox and this time when I went to move my account, it actually worked!! I guess I just had to turn off and back on my xbox for it to move my actually XBOX LIVE account... weird!

    Well thanks for replying to my question anyway! I make another post if this happens again!