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Account suspended - Payment option issues?

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Just over twelve months ago, when I renewed my xbox live gold account, I chose to have it automatically renewed a year later. I set up paypal as my payment option. On February 28th this year, I got an email confirming that my subscription to Gold had been successfully renewed for the next twelve months. However, since the 5th of March, I've received several emails from Microsoft entitled: "IMPORTANT! Microsoft Account Update Required". Here's some of what it says in the email:


"We are contacting you because we have been unable to charge your PayPal Account for your Gold – 12 Month service(s) being billed to you through Microsoft Online Services. The following PayPal Account is the current payment method on your billing account:"

"To avoid an interruption of your services or to reactivate suspended service(s), please provide a valid PayPal Account. If payment is due for other Microsoft services purchased with the above PayPal Account, those services may also be affected."     


Then today, when I booted up my 360, I got this message when I tried to sign in to Xbox Live: "Your membership is suspended until you update your payment option. We'll charge your payment option and reactivate your membership after you update your account".


Some mistake has obviously occurred here, as I already had an email just over a month ago confirming that my subscription had been successfully renewed. And not only that, but I have purchased DLC from the Xbox Live Marketplace since then using the exactly same paypal account that I renewed my Gold membership with. So the account obviously isn't invalid... so what's going on?

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    Are you sure you have enough funds?

    Remeber unless you buy a full game dlc wont cost as much as a renewed subscription at 59.95

    Id check your paypal logs or your creditcard to see if uou are too close to your spending limit


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    Yep, I have enough funds. And the last DLC I bought, which was on March 13th, was a full game. I've also bought several other things (not to do with video gaming!) since then using the same paypal account with no issues at all. And remember, I already had an email from Microsoft on February 28th confirming that my subscription had been successfully renewed. Surely I wouldn't have been sent that email if they hadn't received payment from my paypal account? And I've also been using Xbox live since Feb 28th, even though that was when my previous 12 month subscription was due to expire, if I hadn't chosen to have it automatically renewed. I have had no other problems with my Paypal, and use it a lot to pay for stuff online. So I'm really at a loss to what has happened here....

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    too sort this out quickly just call XBL suppourt they cn tell you excactly what was wrong in North America that number is 1-800-463-3863, give them a call when u can and it will be fixed :D keep us posted

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    I live in the UK... :P I thought setting up my account to be automatically renewed would make things simpler, but it certainly appears that isn't actually the case. lol

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    Hmm, that's way funky. Yeah, auto-renew is supposed to be the easy way to do it!  We may end up wanting to contact support (Rather than the 1800 number, you'll want to use ) but for the moment, can you try logging in to and make sure all the billing details there match the ones on your PayPal?

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    I went to, but I have no idea how to view my billing details there... how do I do this?

    However, when I checked my recent transactions, apart from the lone game DLC I purchased on the 13th of March, (Which came up as "purchase" and "settled") there were a further 8 attempted transactions of £39.99 which were all declined. These attempted transactions not initiated by me, so it now appears that someone has been attempting to hack into my account. What should I do?

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    Hi Sara!

    To view your billing info at, once you log in, just select  "Payment Option" at the top of the screen. 

    As for the account security, I would suggest you change your password, and make sure all your proofs are up to date and valid. Here is how to Add and Update Your Microsoft Account Security Proofs

    Hope that helps, and let us know if you have any questions. Cheers!