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Xbox 360 - account controls for my kids (family center)

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I'm a parent that does not use the xbox too much but have for my 13 and 7 year old.  It has gotten to the point i want to put some controls on this and thought I need to upgrade to the ultimate gold level for "family center" control.  I did and setup two accounts.  Now I'm not sure how they are supposed to use it.  when they turn the device on, how are they to "log" log into their profile to start using? 

I then noticed you can setup profiles where I then did so but seems redudant.  then i notice my kids could easily swith profiles to me and do things I don't wan them to do.

Is there a wiki that explains all this in detail?  I have a number of questions and don't want to monopolize these threads.

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  • Hey there! If you are just looking for general info on what you can do in terms of Parental Settings, check out this: If you have any specific questions or need help setting this up, just let me know!

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    This might help you out a bit. Its pretty much the way I checked to make sure my kids were set up right. Parent’s Guide to Xbox Live Online Gaming

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    Is there a way to copy the data (friends, game settings) from one family profile to another?  the kids have been playing exclusively under one account up to ths point and now that I have spun off independant profiles for each of them, they will want thier friends list and other data they have built up in thier profiles.  

    can this be done?

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    Nope. You will have to add their friends to their new accounts. It will be new accounts for them on the game score, achievements and such. As long as they still play on the same Xbox any and all dlc can still be used by them.